Blue Skys

Today we had such a lovely morning I just had to go for another walk - my goodness if this keeps up I might start to get fit, ha.  Where to go today, I know I'll go see my mum and dad. They live about 20 minutes walk away from me. But as I took my camera with me it took me about 35minutes, ooops. Well, you know how it is.

 The Lane to my mum and dad's house

When I saw this picture above I thought it looked like an arrow pointing down the way, when I asked Karen what she thought she said it looked like birds flying, Laura spotted the heart shaped leaf. What do you see?

 When I saw this view I just had to shoot. I love all the colours and it's such a lovely day.

Blades of grass!  They really look like sharp blades don't they?

When I got to my folks house guess what - they weren't in and I didn't take my key.  So I decided to wait in their back garden for a short time. While I was there I took some pictures of their lovely flowers. Do you recognise them mum? Hee hee I know my mum reads my blog she checks every day for a post.


Do you know who else reads my blog - hubby, Dan. In fact tonight he checked to see my latest offering and there wasn't one. He said "Ellie, you haven't blogged yet".  Dan this one's for you. So that is why I am doing it at this time of night. To keep my family happy. Oh ok, and I love it too lol.


DisparateDan said…
aww, thanks pal
Jill said…
You have the nicest, prettiest places to walk! Your Mums flowers are beautiful. Lovely photos, Ellie!
Giga said…
Śliczne kwiatki są u Mamy w ogródku. Pozdrawiam
Debbie said…
gotta love those boys, mine reads mine also!!

great group of pictures!!
TexWisGirl said…
oh, how wonderful that 1) you still have your parents, 2) that they live 20 min. walk away and 3) that they read your blog! hi ellie's parents!!! waving from the great state of Texas in the US!!! :)
Tracy Wood said…
The lane to your parents house looks lovely! I wish I could walk it some day... it just 'pulls' me in!
I love all your photos, but I think I like the blades of grass the best. I love the water droplets hanging on the blades.
orchid said…
Oh, Dearest Ellie.
How wonderful living such close to your parents. Hehe,I was a bit in tears to read your today's post.
I live 15 minutes drive away from parents' empty house. My mum passed away 11years ago, dad is in old-people's house, used to be single bro died last year. I'm old enough to get sentimental easily (^^;)
And it is wonderful your family LOVE your blog, isn't it♬♬♬
All your pictures are marvelous, and I agree with you that you said "arrow pointing down the way"

Much Love, my friend, Orchid*
Flora said…
Love the Hydranga!!!
Sush said… the pictures! How nice you live so close to your parents. I think if I had such lovely scenery to walk in I'd be out a lot more often!

Kind of you to blog just to make your husband happy..ahahaha!

Paul said…
My nana used to have flowers like your last ones in her garden 25 years ago. She used to love her gardening. That's great that hubby takes an interest. My wifey doesn't share the same interest. More of a reader and movie buff!
Such a beautiful walk - you are lucky to live so close to your parents :)
Anonymous said…
Hi Ellie

Sorry we weren't in when you called. Your photos of our flowers are beautiful and very colourful. Hopefully my comment will be posted. I have tried a few times without success. Keep em coming Ellie.

Sheila said…
More wonderful photos , love the hay field , gorgeous colors.
Ellie said…
Hi mum,

Yay, you managed to leave a reply. I'm glad you liked your flowers. I didn't really mind you not being in, as long as you didn't get any comments about strangers in your garden lol.
Rose said…
Your flower shots are wonderful, and I LOVE that third shot has a wonderful sky!
Dianna said…
Love your pictures - all of them! Oh, how I wish my mom was still here so I could visit.....
She always had blue hydrangeas, so that picture reminded me of her.

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