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Melrose Abbey

 Ok so I  have been back to work for a couple of weeks after our summer holiday.  Not that we did that much.   We (well I mean Danny really) fixed a leak in the water tank, that took a full week as there were so many problems but it's fixed now so all is well :)
My girls and me went to Glasgow so Laura could try on her wedding dress which had just come into the shop - and she did look stunning!
Oh and I also bought my wedding outfit!!!   I know I can't believe it either. 
I really had had no intention of buying so early but the girls wanted me to try on some things and before I knew it I found THE ONE. You know when you try something on and you just LOVE it, well that's what happened! I am not an  impulse buyer and I hate shopping for clothes but there you go.   I just have to really careful to not put on too much weight or lose to much either. Now I'm pretty sure I'll manage not to lose much but not putting it on might be more difficult lol.  That just leaves the shoes, b…

A Break In The Weather

I am now on my annual summer leave from work. Hurray I shout, but wait!!!
The weather is the absolute pits. I can't believe we are into June - yes June I say!  It is so cold, really windy and very rainy. Yuk!!  In fact we have just put the lounge fire on this evening as it is sooo cold tonight.   However there is another reason for the cold in the house.  Thursday morning we woke to strong smell of wet wallpaper. Mmmm where can that be coming from.  We soon discovered - the water tank in the attic had sprung a leak which resulted in the ceiling of one of the bedrooms getting more than slightly damp.   Grrrr.  So poor Danny has spent the last 4 days trying to fix it, putting in a new tank etc. As a result we have no heating and no hot water - only the shower has any warmth to it. We are hoping by tomorrow however it will all be sorted.  What a start to a holiday!!!!
Anyway the good news - Karen came home from her holiday in Athens on Thursday and she loved it.  She saw lots, and is a girl…

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