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Riley's Book

Phew!!!   What a busy few days I have had.
On Wednesday I had my haircut - and instantly felt better, you really can't beat a new hairdo, especially when people tell you how nice it is, mind you that could be translated as it was pretty bad before, lol :))
I was hoping to get home in time to take our Emma to a gp's appointment but got stuck in a traffic jam for 20 mins so didn't manage it.  So she had to walk and it was a rush too as she thought I was going to get there in time!!  I did manage to get there to wait with her and then we went for lunch which was very pleasant :))
Thursday was my birthday and I had to take our car for it's yearly MOT (annual check to make sure it's roadworthy) well unfortunately it failed!!!  It is an old car and we don't usually expect it to pass.  So Danny is busy working on it and it's going back in next week and hopefuly it will pass.  Cars are a real nuisance when they don't work aren't they?
Anyway after that I went for…

I'm Here

Here I am sneeking in to my blog.   I've been missing for a few weeks!!!   I seem to have run out of things to talk (write) about.   Danny and I had a wee discussion about it the other day and I said I didn't feel I had anything worth writing about.  Dan said what did you write about before and I realised it was just everyday stuff . So here I am again about to write some more everyday (boring!!!) stuff :)
What's been happening over the last few weeks?  
Well, our Laura has been through a few times with wee Riley. You know he is is almost 18 weeks old now!!!  Where does the time go?  He is getting so big now and best of all he chuckles and giggles - it is so lovely to hear :))
He can also get his toes right up to his mouth!!!

What else have I got to say? Well our Karen is over in Germany at the moment with her university.  I think she is a wee bit homesick and we are missing her.  Her two week are up on Sunday when she will be coming home. Oh and she also passed her third year at…

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