Saturday, 1 February 2014

My Week

First of all I want to say 'hi' and 'welcome' to the bloggers who came to visit through Grow Your Blog. It is lovely to meet new bloggers. 
 My last couple of weeks have been kind of busy. 
On the 16 Jan our youngest daughter (Emma) turned 19.  Now how did that happen, where did those years go? The last time I looked she was only 10, lol.
  She has grown up to be a lovely young lady and a great daughter.  
Just at the moment she is looking through our holiday album and saying things like "you look so pretty in this picture"  and "you and dad are so cute".  Now I ask you who couldn't love a daughter like that? :))

Anyway she wanted to go out for breakfast to a local restuarant called Scotts which sits down by the marina in out town.  
It has a great view looking over at all the lovely boats. We had a very tasty breakfast, I had pancakes, maple syrup and bacon, yum yum.  Emma had French toast, bacon and maple syrup and Karen had a roll and sausage and bacon.  They both assured me that they really enjoyed them and we left feeling very stuffed!!

I just had to take a picture before we left.  I just love the wee red boat against the timber sitting in the background.

On Thursday of this week my sister and I went to the local golf driving range.  I don't play golf but my sister has been for some lessons and has had a wee shot on the golf course.  
I have to say I am not terribly good at it,  I did miss a few and they didn't go very far when I did hit them. It was fun though, in fact we plan on doing it again next week. Who knows I might just be a master golfer when I'm finished, lol. 
After that we went for a coffee just the finish the morning of nicely.

Then on Friday I met my friend and we went for a wee blether (chat) and yet another coffee.  Definitely a much better way to spend the morning than doing housework - I think you will agree!

The weather here hasn't really improved yet, still lots of rain, wind and grey skies.
  Tomorrow it is supposed to be a bit drier so hopefully I will get out for a walk and some fresh air. 

Have a great week everybody :))