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Crocuses Or Should That Be Croci

I can't believe it's a week since my last post.   I'm not sure why I've got nothing to report - not much happening in my wee spot in the world at the moment.
Well, it's the Easter weekend and I am having a long weekend off work.   So good!!!! I've not done much just had some relaxing time - which is always good :))
Today Karen and I went for a run in the car to Rozelle Woods in Ayr.  It is a lovely spot. There are definite signs that Spring is here !!!

Beautiful crocuses - it is such a pretty wee flower!
The daffodils are beginning to show their faces too. 
Our clocks changed to British summertime last night, so we should be getting lighter evenings.  I love it when it gets lighter in the evening. Does losing that hour disrupt anybody else for the first day. 'Cause it does me - it seems as if it has been such a long day.
Karen and Emma are really busy with their  university studies just now.  Exams and end of year projects  are looming fast.  I can hardly believe th…

My Lucky Money Pot!

Well. it's Sunday evening once again - they roll round quickly don't they?  I think I may have said that a few times before :))
We have had a fairly quiet weekend.  The weather here is really, really cold.   Hovering around 0C, it's been snowing and the wind would cut you in two. Brrrr!!!!
 Snow might sound quite good but it the kind that doesn't lie - I can't even go out and build a snowman!! Grrrr!!!
As a result I have hardly been out this weekend - who wants to go out in the cold?!?   The only time I ventured out was to take the girls out and bring them back when needed.   On the plus side though I did manage to get lots of housework done though - that can't be bad:))
The trouble is the weather is not supposed to get any better next week.  
Didn't somebody say it was the first day of Spring on 20th March - pah - I think they may have been pulling our leg.  
Anyway I'm sure Spring will pop it's head up sooner or later - sooner hopefully! Since there is not muc…

Wooden Bowls

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that Danny had cut up some of the driftwood he found at the beach and was taking it to his woodworking class!
Well I thought I'd show you some the the bowls he has made, all different shapes and sizes  (we have a LOT of wooden bowls in our house now, hee hee).

The one in the foreground and the one with the lid to the left are made with the driftwood. The one with the lid has cracked which is a shame 'cause it is a nice one.

This is my favourtie bowl though - it is the biggest one and I just love the grain and shape of it. 
He is quite a clever lad my Danny, don't you think? I think he really needs to try his hand at a different wooden object now though!!!  If he doesn't I think there will be lots of bowls going out at Christmas presents this year, lol.
We had planned to have a nice day out on Saturday.  Karen and Emma were going to visit Laura for the weekend so that meant Danny and I had  the weekend all for ourselves and I wouldn't …

Mother's Day Flowers

Oooops I had a little complaint from Danny last night.  He said he was disappointed that I don't post on my blog as often as I used to.  So I thought - ok I'd better try and get back into it properly.  
Anyway, we had Mother's day on Sunday.  My lovely girls all got me beautiful flowers (and a few chocolates).   Have I said that I LOVE flowers!!!   I think my girls know that, lol. 
Laura sent me a pot of azaleas, it got delivered by post and was a lovely unexpected surprise. They are beautiful too.

Emma got me these beautiful tulips - such a pretty colour.
And I love the texture and pattern on the petals - so pretty!!!
Karen bought these gorgeous lilies.  They are sitting on my kitchen windowsill bright and yellow.  Yellow flowers always make me smile. They make me think of the sun!!!

Karen and Emma were both working all day on Sunday which was a shame as I would have loved to spend the day with them.  
I was also thinking that this time next year our Laura will be mummy to a littl…

Summer Fruits

I am missing the taste of fresh summer fruits.
So I did the next best thing - I bought some FROZEN summer fruits.  I've never bought frozen fruit before and was dubious about how good they might be.
Well let me tell you they were soooo delicious - once they were defrosted that is :))

I put out two scoops of ice-cream - one scoop of strawberry (with real pieces of strawberry in it, yum yum) and a scoop of vanilla and poured some of the luscious fruit over the top along with the juice. 
One word!
Not only that - but I love the gorgeous bright colours don't you?
Now, I'm off to buy some more.
Have a great week everyone!! :))


Do you remember the driftwood Danny brought back from the beach 
- well he finally got around to trying to do something with it.  They were quite big pieces and they needed to dry out very thoroughly. 
It took a fair bit of effort for him to cut it with the saw but he did manage. I think he definately needs to eat more porridge, lol.  (only joking Dan!!!)
He then had to put it in the microwave to dry out - he has been told how long for and how to do it. So that is what he did.  The only trouble is after a couple of days the piece he had cut and dried started to crack with the result that it was wasted. We think he might have dried it out too quickly or something!
Not one  to be too disheartened he tried again and hopefuly this piece will be ok for him to take to his woodwork class on wednesday evening.
I thought I'd put a few pictures up.
Look at that lovely grain. 

Here is my attempt at a more abstract picture :))  The microwave on the right is what he used to dry the wood. The black l…

Ah It Takes Me Back!!!

Yes this is what is hanging on my washing line - baby clothes.   I hope the neighbours don't think it is me have the baby, lol. Laura has got lots and lots of baby clothes and she asked me if I would wash and dry them for her -  she's not daft that one!!!!
Well this was the very last load and the first I've managed to get any washing out on the washing line for ages and ages.  
There is something very satisfying about getting your washing out on the line don't you think?   Or am I completely daft!!!

Anyway, seeing these clothes takes me right back to about 18 years ago when I was doing this kind of washing for my girls.  Aren't they so cute!!!! :)
Laura came through to see us yesterday - she had been to pick up her pram and since it wasn't far from here she thought she'd come and show us.  
Prams have come a long way since my day let me tell you.  All mod cons included - she also got a car seat which can be attached to the base.   In our day it all had to be used sep…

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