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Just Before The Sun's Bedtime

Well I didn't go out for my walk today, it really wasn't as nice today as it was yesterday. It has been quite a grey day - it didn't rain though and that makes a nice change.
But this evening at around 5pm it suddenly brightened up, the sun was shining brightly and there was the beginnings of a lovely blue sky.  
 I was picking Emma up from work and I thought I'd take my camera down to the beach to see if there was a decent sunset.   I'm afraid I was just a wee bit early for a sunset,the sun was huge and lying really low in the sky. But the view over the water was amazing - I'm always amazed how quickly the sky changes colour. 
These pictures were all taken within about 15 minutes.  This will probably be my first sunset pictures of this year, hopefully there will be many more - I just love a really good sunset, don't you?
Have a great week everone :))

Eeeeek A Mouse!!!!

Hoots mon there's a moose loose aboot this hoose!!!! Now I guess you all know what that translates into.  Yup we have indeed got a mouse in our house. Eeeeek!!!
We discovered our little unwanted visitor just after Christmas. Danny had been given one of those really big toblerone bars and had been working his way throught it.  He had left it on the floor (in it's box) one night and the next morning we discovered it had been nibbled and the silver wrapping was strewn across the floor.  Just to be sure that it was indeed a mouse he left the last triangle of chocolate lying on the floor the next night (still in it's box) and you know what - the wee blighter ate the whole thing. Jings  I bet it had a sore stomach after eating all of that!!!!
So we bought a couple of covered traps which were set off but we were never sure if a mouse was indeed in it and indeed we still have one roaming around. 
  Danny actually saw it one night sprinting across the floor in the living room.  I am so …

A Little Bit of Colour

We have just got back from a very lovely visit to Laura.  We had a really nice day over in Dundee. Their baby furniture was delivered - cot, wardrobe and dresser.  So Danny and Kevin got together and built it all up, and I have to say it does look really good. At the same time Laura and and I took a walk into town and into a coffee shop for a nice drink and an even nicer muffin. It was lovely and we had a good old chinwag :))
On the way home we thought we would drop into Stirling to see the church we usually see from the road, the only trouble was that there was a service on and we couldn't really park and have a look around so we will have to do that another time.    I've posted this picture a couple of times - but just so you can see which church I'm talking about!
I have been feeling the need for some colour in my blog and I can't wait until Springtime.  So I decided to look through some of my old pictures and I found these. And they fair cheered me up. You really can&#…

Snowy Wednesday

Here I am with another update.
I woke up this morning to see snow falling.  We don't get a lot of snow here (especially not the kind that lies on the ground), we normally get rain and sleet instead.  It is strange because just a few miles up the road the snow can lie really deeply, we live in quite a sheltered area here!!!
Well I thought I'd nip out with my camera and take a couple of pictures to capture the icy drops. Don't they look like wee diamonds?


Another big piece of news is - 
We have booked our holiday for the end part of the year, yay!!!!   I am soooooo excited about it.  We will be flying to New York for a couple of days then travelling onto Boston for a couple of days and then driving around New England.   I have always fancied seeing New England in the Autumn and now I am actually going to see it.  That will be a few things ticked off my bucket list! Now we just have to pay for it and wait patiently for it to come along (and if you knew me you would realise that is…

February Already!!!!

Yikes,  another week has passed since my last post.  I am getting really bad at this. Mind you I have been a wee bit busy trying to plan our holiday for the end of the year. I have spent hours pouring over the internet. We haven't booked it yet - but soon!!! I can tell you all though - I am so excited about it :)))
Anyway these next few pictures are from January when the weather was a bit nicer that it is now. 

Even though it was a bit chilly it was lovely and bright.  Now though, it is bloomin' freezing, raining (with some sleet in it) and very very windy.  Not at all pleasant let me tell you!!!!
I am having a few days off work on annual leave and I'm not venturing very far - I quite like spending some time in the house though just doing what I want.   Just now (apart from typing this blog) we have Harry Potter on the telly and Karen, Emma and I are enjoying it :))   The fire is on and it is nice and cosy in the house. 

On Sunday Karen and I visited our local garden centre.  The…

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