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The Mystery of the Missing Post and a Cake

Have you ever had a post disappear - I have.   I did a post on Wednesday but by Thursday it had gone!!!!   And I have to tell you it was one of my more interesting and well written posts too - well, you will just have to take my word for that, lol.
We have searched for it throughout the computer to no avail. It is a tad frustrating to say the least!!!
I'll give a wee re-cap on what it was all about.   First of all I had written about our wee Riley and how big he is getting  and how he is enjoying playing on his playmat. In fact I'll repost a couple pictures of him, I'm sorry for everybody who has already seen them!  The second picture shows  how having so much fun just tires him out :))   So cute!!!

 I also wrote about Troon Taxi day which took place on Wednesday.   It's a day when around 150 Glasgow taxi drivers take the day to drive children with special needs on a special day to Troon.  The taxi drivers are dressed up in fancy dress and  Troon shops put bunting and balloons…

Our Day Trip

A couple of weekends ago Danny and I went on a day trip.  We drove for a couple of hours and arrived at a wee village called Kilcreggan.
It was a very lovely journey along the Gare Loch - the hills you see in the background of this picture are the Arrochar Alps one of which is Ben Lomond.  It was such a lovely day and the scenery was just beautiful.

The village of Kilcreggan is around 38 miles from Glasgow and is the most peaceful of places to visit. I've never been there before and I would definately love to again sometime. There is a ferry port there where you can get a ferry across to Gourock. 

We stopped for some lunch at a cafe which was very pleasant and then we went for a wander along the lochside and took a few (lots) of pictures. :)

Then we went back to the car and started our jouney homeward.  It was a lovely way to spend a day :))
I should have told you the reason for the journey!  Danny is making a rocking chair for our Laura and he wanted to get some dowelling from a suppl…

Strawberries and Cream

We have been having such a great time, weather wise.   We have had over a week of sun, heat and general loveliness.  It does make such a difference when the sun shines.  People in general are much happier and brighter and more likely to smile :))
Well with all of this lovely weather I have been craving more fruit - and today I really had a notion for strawberries!!!
So I thought I'd make strawberry tarts. It was a cheat really because I bought the pie bases from Marks and Spencer (no I didn't make them by hand - who's got the time for that!!).  I filled them with cream and topped with strawberries.
I'll tell you something - they really hit the spot. 
Yum Yum!!!
I even remembered to take some piccies this time before enjoying them, lol.  I love the plate I used for the photograph - my mum brought it back a few years ago from Portugal for me. It's hand painted you know - so pretty.   The only trouble is I am such a clutz that I'm scared to use it in case I drop it.   So fa…

Silly Me!!!!

Well I had a post all ready in my head to type up today.   It would have been a good one too :))
It was going to be about how my sis-in-law gave me some rhubarb as she had been given a lot and couldn't use it all.
It was going to be about how I made a DELICIOUS rhubarb crumble complete with pictures - and that is where the problem lay.   I made the crumble and then realised Ihadn't taken any shots. 
Never mind, not a problem, I could always take pictures of the finished result - that would do!!!
The next thing I know is we are tucking into it and saying how tasty it was when I realised I hadn't taken any pictures of the finished result - ocht phoey - how annoying I am so ditzy sometimes!!!!
So I apologise - now I have to rethink my post for today.
After we had finished dinner and we were sitting feeling rather stuffed after our delicious crumble I noticed some lovely colourful flowers on our decking.  That gave me the answer to my what to  post dilema :)
Our azaleas are starting to…

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