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The Wedding

Now I know I haven't posted for ages, I'm sorry I have no excuses!!
 But I just had to post about our daughter Laura's wedding to Kevin last weekend.
It was  long anticipated and last Saturday was the big day. 

We drove through on the Friday afternoon and booked into our hotel.  Karen's boyfriend drove through as well and as it was his birthday we all went out for dinner on the friday night which was a lovely way to spend the night before. 
The wedding was to be in a beautiful venue called 'The Vu' which is in Bathgate fairly near to Edinburgh. 
Laura chose her venue very well as this was a spectacular place to get married. 
The weather here has been pretty dismal with rain and strong winds and very grey skys so we didn't hold much hope for a bright day, but guess what, the rain dried up, wind stopped blowing and the sky was  clearer.
True to most weddings, we did have a minor emergency, which didn't feel very minor at the time let me tell you.  I forgot …

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