Shiny and Pretty

When I was in my mum's garden, waiting for her to come home the other day, I was wandering about and taking pictures of her lovely flowers. My mum and dad's garden is full of lovely colours (I certainly didn't inherit my gardening expertise - or rather lack of it from them).While I was wandering around I found a plant pot with this leafy shrub in it. It had been raining and the plant was very wet. I loved the colour of the leaves and the water made it look so shiny and pretty.
So, I did what I usually do and I took a picture. 

There are so many beautiful plants and flowers out there aren't there? 

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Jill said…
Wow! Gorgeous!
Rosie said…
This is lovely - what a wonderful sparkling!
And you do take such beautiful pictures!

You have a wonderful talent with your photography.

Blessings to you - Marsha
Karen said…
Oh lovely Ellie, it sparkles!
Ruth said…
This is a wonderful, magical photo you've taken, it's lovely!
lisa said…
This is gorgeous Ellie! So glad you photographed it. The color is so vibrant, and so welcome for me right now, where here it is very gray.

Thank you so much for sharing this today at The Creative Exchange.

Have a wonderful evening!

em said…'s glistening! Beautiful!
Debbie said…
love the shimmer!! this is really beautiful!!
Rose said…
It looks like it has been coated with glitter...very pretty.
Flora said…
Almost doesn't look real!
Kala said…
Gorgeous light!
Lea White said…
Wow, that is beautiful!
Beautiful photo, Ellie! I like how the water is shining on the leaves.
Yvonne said…
So pretty! Love the color& shimmer :)
Pat said…
Lovely! The water drops make it look like a glittery ornament.
Ida said…
Yes I agree with you there are many lovely plants/flowers out there. This one is quite interesting.
Ida said…
Oh I do agree with you about there being many beautiful plants/flowers in the world. This one is very interesting. Great shot.
Kerri said…
So pretty!! has a sort of "Christmasy" look to it!!

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