River Ayr Walk

My photo buddy (and daughter) Karen, came with me on a walk this afternoon along the River Ayr.  We only did a very small amount of walking because when you take LOTS of pictures it can take a lot of time. The actual walk covers 44 miles (which I think is quite a lot). I think we would have been lucky if we covered 2 of those miles (yes I said 2).

 I took 177 photographs - can you believe that!! It's just as well it's not on film anymore. Anyway I'm sure there will be a lot of duff pictures amongst that lot. Probably leaves me with about 10 half decent ones lol.

I'm posting pictures of the river today. I love how the sun was shining on the water and the smooth and the rough of the first picture.

 The water was pretty murky but there were some reflections in it which I quite liked.

This walk passes some beautiful scenery so I must try and walk and visit some more of  it.


TexWisGirl said…
i do like those last 2 reflective shots!
BlueShell said…
All amazing, my dear!
I like particularly N. 4.
Just because...

Greetings from a Portuguese girl.
Paul Forster said…
Love the colours in your photos. You obviously have a good camera. Exercise and photography make a great combination. You have given me inspiration to take my camera out running in the hills around our place. Will keep you posted.
busybusybeejay said…
A great place for a walk and lovely photos.Do we get to see more?
Annabella said…
I like that first photo too! A Sunday walk by the river - how lovely.
Sheila said…
It looks like a lovely place to walk and take photos and I agree it is a very good thing that we now have digital I would sure waste a lot of film ;-)
It looks like you saw some beautiful things on your walk.
geetlee said…
love it when you take us along with you, Ellie :)
Beautiful the water looks, through your eyes.
Have a great week!
leavesnbloom said…
I love that first shot Kellie and the sun dancing off the water in the 3rd one too.
Dianna said…
Isn't it wonderful that we don't have to deal with film anymore? Sometimes my hubby will tease me and say: "you're using up all your film"! Love the pictures, and just hearing about you spending time with your daughter.
So pretty! I would love to cover the 44 miles here - you sure have some beautiful scenery near you:-).
Tezzie said…
What a stunning area to live! Great captures, and I love those reflections :)
Rose said…
I think this place (walk) would call my name over and over...one I would never tire of.

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