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An Update (at last)

I'm still here and alive and kicking. I've just had a reeeaaally long extended break from blogging.  I'm not sure why and I think I've used all the reasons in past posts to explain it but I'm back.  I perhaps won't post every day like I was doing but I'll do my best.  
 I spotted a rather beautiful sunset while I was driving into town the other evening and I only had my iphone on me (I've never taken a proper picture with my iphone before) so I just stopped the car - in a safe place of course! - and took the picture.   And you know what my first thought was - I must do a blog post on this.  
So here we are :))
Isn't it a stunning sunset - it's amazing the beauty of the world sometimes!!
Anyway, my iphone.  Danny bought me my iphone a couple of months back - and I really, really love it. It does take wonderful pictures don't you think, very impressive for a phone. I opened an instagram account but don't totally understand it all yet.
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