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Castle Ruins

I took a run back to the fishing village that I went to a couple of weeks ago to revisit the castle ruin that is there. I have been wanting to go back to have a closer look at the ruin and to take some more pictures. It's on a cliff side and it was quite breezy. I'm a bit afraid of heights so I didn't want to get too close to the edge. I know I'm a big fearty (coward) lol.

This is from the other side of the castle - I think it is pretty impressive against the cliff face.

This was inside the ruin - you can just about see the sea through the window. 

I'm not sure if this is a window or a hole in the wall, but I liked the view.

And finally, I was playing about with black and white and sepia tones. I'm just trying it out - they are not very good but it's a start. I've got a lot to learn. Lol.
I could really get into visiting castles and ruins, it was so much fun wandering about and picturing what it was really like all those years ago!

Bathroom Re-do

So, I thought I would stay with showing you pictures of my bathroom redo. Hope that's ok!!!

So here is my lovely sink.  At the moment it is sitting in my living room, I have a red suite and carpet so that is why there is a red tinge to the picture.

 These are my lovely taps for the sink. I just love them. I think they are a bit victorian looking.

And, a token close up shot. 
So what do you think - do you like it?  I can't wait for  everything to be in place so that I can see the end product.

Quick post

Just a quick post to let you all know we have a toilet. Yayyy.  Installed last night, part of the flushing mechanism doesn't work so we are pouring water in - lovely!!!!  But hopefully tonight when Dan gets home with a new part we will have a fully functioning toilet. Fingers crossed.   Thanks for all your lovely comments. I really appreciate them. You guys are great - just saying! I'm going to work shortly and will try and do a proper post later tonight.


In case you thinking has this girl gone of her head. I haven't, not quite yet.  These pictures are part of what is going on in this household. 
Remind me if I ever think of doing anything like changing bathrooms ever again - NOT TO. Lol.  Dan is installing the toilet (it's 9pm) and it's got to be done tonight. He has been working in the bathroom all day. I feel really sorry for him. :(
Anyway, this afternoon I was wondering what to take pictures of.  Then I had an Aha moment, a brainwave even.  I'll take pictures of the plumbing bits and pieces.  I tried to be as artistic - I don't think the word artistic is the correct word but I'm going to use it anyway - as I could be. 
So there you have it - a tale of woe and some plumbing pictures. I'll bet your really glad you read this blog. Lol.

Lavender and Watches

Do you remember the lavender that I bought at the garden centre a few weeks ago - well here she is. She is doing wonderfully well, I can't believe it. It's so pretty and is underneath my living room window.  Long may she last!!!!

Do you like my watch?  My workmates got me it for my birthday.  I love it, I've never had a lovely watch like this before.  It has mother of pearl inlay and catches the light wonderfully. I tried to photograph it so that it would  catch the light and sparkle.  I don't think I've quite managed it but I'm quite pleased with the result.  Do you like my prop? It's a nectarine and it's sitting on a black plate on the kitchen windowsill so that it could catch the sun. I took so many pictures and couldn't pick a best one - so I just picked this one. Lol.
Despite the pictures - I LOVE MY WATCH!!!!  

Hope everybody in the USA keeps safe this weekend!

I love to read.

I don't know if  I have mentioned before but I  really enjoy  reading .  I have a kindle -  which I love - I got it for my Christmas from hubby.  When he tried to get it they had run out in every shop he tried. I think it was classed as the most popular Christmas gift last year. Anyway he gave me a voucher so I could get it once it was back in stock. I have gone through quite a few good books on it and at the moment am reading Kane and Abel by Jeffrey Archer. I know it is quite an old book but it is good.
 Now the only thing wrong with a kindle is I don't like to read it in the bath - and I love to read in the bath - so I usually get a paperback to read there. That means I usually have two books on the go at the same time. I have just finished  'House Rules' by Jodi Piccoult. It was a good story but at times a bit heavy.  Because I was reading it in the bath the pages are a bit curly - ooops.
Today I was given another book from a co-worker 'Cold Blood' by Lynda L…

Wind Surfing

Our town has two beaches - north and south beach. This is the north beach and is very popular with wind surfers. When it is windy - it is quite often windy here - the wind surfers come in there droves. There were only a few here the other day and I decided  I wanted to take some piccies.  Now, I know these aren't very good pictures - and these were the best ones (oh dear). I'm too far away but it gives you some idea of what it is like.

They go at some speed through the water, it looks very exhilarating - not that I fancy it. In fact there was a boy just the other week who broke his leg quite badly doing this.

Talking of water and the like, we had a leaking pipe in the bathroom - you know the room we are doing up. Well, in fact there were 3 leaking pipes. I was just about to go to work on tuesday morning when I noticed the kitchen floor was very wet and then I noticed the drips from the ceiling. Yeah you guessed it - from the bathroom above. I'm afraid to say I panicked a w…

Saturday Adventures

Well on Saturday Karen and I went to a local wind farm.  You can see it when driving to Glasgow and I was always fascinated by it. In fact you can see the wind turbines from our house - they are in the distance though. Anyway I was told by my sister that you could visit there, have a walk around and there was a coffee shop there as well.  Well that swung it for me - the thought of a coffee and cake yum.

I had thought the turbines were big but I was surprised by how big, they seemed to stretch high in the sky  - in fact you know that way when you look up at something very tall and you get that dizzy feeling well that happened to me looking up at these things. And there were so many of them, wind turbines as far as the eye could see.

We walked about 3 miles - so we got a good bit of exercise in. There was also an 8 mile walk - we decided not to do that - and there were lots of cyclists and runners there. Blimey they were keen. After our walk  we went for - yeah you guessed it coffee an…

Work and Play

Here he is, my man at work.  He is putting a new bathroom in, such a lot of hard work and it's never ending!!!!  Here he is building a new cabinet for my sink to go into. He is a clever guy

Karen and I had some fun with the garden hose. Can you see the rainbow in the top picture, we thought it was really cool. What is it about playing with water that brings out the inner child in you? We were just having fun, what more can you ask for.

New Award

Wow, I've just been awarded the Irrestibly Sweet Blog Award by my good blog friend Debbie from
Debbie was one of my very first followers and made me feel very welcome. She posts lovely pictures on her blog. Especially the hummingbirds. Go and have a look - you will be glad you did!! Thanks Debbie,  I feel truly honoured and flattered that you did this for me

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