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We were walking in the woods in our town the other day and  I found these twisted branches.  Don't they look great! I love how they are all twisted. Usually I like soft and gentle scenes - maybe it was the mood I was in lol.
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Long Winding Pathway

The leaves are just about beginning to fall - and starting to look really autumnal.  When you see a tree lined path do you wonder where it goes?  Now obviously I know where this one goes (ends up at a car park and swing park), but if I hadn't told you where do you think it leads too. Linking up with "Live Every Moment"

Beautiful Autumn Colours

Remember our walk in the rain on Sunday, well I thought I would show some of the lovely colours of leaves we found (before the rain started) . The leaves in the picture above were such an unusual colour not one I think I have seen before and I have no idea what it is. I just love Autumn and all it's glorious colours.

Now this picture was taken during the downpour. The cows were all sheltering underneath the trees, and they were no half watching us as we trudged along  in the mud and rain. I'm sure I heard one of them moo "stupid human do you not know it's raining!". They did look at us as if we were a bit dim. There was one point in our walk when we were slipping and sliding in the mud - which was our path - when I very nearly ended up sitting in the mud. I haven't heard Karen laugh like that in a loooong time. In fact I think we both giggled quite a lot. Maybe that's why the cows were looking at us stangely!!Mmmmm.

Horizontal Rain

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Karen and I went out bramble picking yesterday. It was quite grey  when we left but thought it would be ok. Wrong - we were half way around our journey (walking) the heavens opened. We got soaked and I mean soaked. Yukk!!  We did get lots of brambles though.
Anyway, this picture is of the rain, the light in the distance is actually the rain - it was just about horiontal. At least it wasn't too cold though.

The Versatile Blogger Award

Well, I've had a lovely surprise, Sheila from Sheila's Quilt World has awarded my blog 'The Versatile Blogger award'. I've not been talking' to Sheila for very long so I consider this an honour from her. Sheila is from Canada and she writes about her love of quilting and her many hobbies. You should definately go and have a look.
Now, there are rules to this award...

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2. Share seven things about yourself on the post.
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4. Lastly, contact all of the bloggers that you've picked for the award.
So, 7 things about me - oh this is quite hard.
1. I lived in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) for a year and a half when I was 9 years old. 2.  One of my favourite things is meeting new people through my blog. 3. I'd love to live in the country. 4. I really love taking photographs and want to get better at it. 5. I adore the colours of autumn - we got married in  Oc…

Lunchtime Special

Karen and I went for lunch the other day. We went to a little cafe/coffe shop about 15 minutes drive away from our house.  It was on a farm out in the country and a lovely place. Especially on a nice day, and it WAS a nice day.   Karen had a plate of chips (how unusual) and a can of coke, I had a delicious bowl of lentil soup, a roll and a lovely cup of tea - really hit the spot. We both really enjoyed it. 
At another table there were 4 ladies with a wee girl of about 1 year old. She was a wee cracker - highly entertaining. I don't think her mum found it entertaining though. She was putting everything into her mouth, or onto the floor. Glasses of drinks, cutlery, food you name it - nothing was safe. And when things were taken off her she shouted. Mum was continuously apologising to everyone, I felt quite sorry for her. Then I looked across at Karen - my goodness she was that age once (even worse thought - so was I eeek). 
Time passes way to quickly.


These were some of the pictures I…

Emma's Picture

You know that way when you are so tired your brain feels numb? Well that's how I felt last night. Hence no post. What do you mean you don't know that feeling and it's just me!!!  Oh well. It must have been Emma's tiredness transferring itself onto me :)  Anyway, Emma took lots of pictures when she was away (a chip of the old block that one) and they are very good. But, the picture below I loved. She was in Block Island an island off Rhode Island. It took 45 minutes on a ferry to get there. She said it was beautiful and that she had lots of fun.  By the look of her pictures I would have to agree with her. She didn't know who the people were sitting on the rock, she just snapped the picture.  Apparently there were 250 steps (yes 250) down to that beach - not only did you have to go down them but you had climb back up them as well. Eeeeeek.  Ha, I was going to say I'm glad I wasn't there but I would be lying!!
Her team won their first hockey match 2-1, second ma…

She's Home!!!!

When we were in Pitlochry I took soooo many pictures. So when I am stuck for an idea what to post it always comes in handy lol. And it was rather lovely!!!

Anyway,  Emma's home I was so glad to see her.  I missed my girl!! She got home this afternoon around 3.30 pm very jetlagged. When Emma gets tired she talks very fast and ten to the dozen - it's kind of hard to keep up with her lol.  So I was getting little bits of everything that she did while away. Hopefully I'll get more sense out of her tomorrow after she has had a good nights sleep. One thing is for sure - she had a GREAT time and LOVED Boston.

So the stories start tomorrow - I'll bet you can't wait. :))

Flower with Raindrops

Deb at Deb Duty is hosting a link up on her blog and the theme is 'anything'. So, now that I can do this I am linking up with her.

My daughter Karen is very keen on growing flowers and bonsai plants, she has this wee flower in her miniature greenhouse. I think its is very cute.

Whispy in the Wind

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I'm not right sure what this is - it may be a dandelion head, or maybe not.  Anway I love how whispy they look blowing in the wind.

Special Parking

I was out the other night trying to get some sunset shots. While I was waiting for the sun to go to bed I saw this little pond on the beach - I've never noticed it before - but I thought it looked quite nice. So what did I do -  I took a picture of course.

I've wanted to take a picture of a sunset with birds flying by.  Now I know it's quite an iffy shot but the birds are there!

Then, I saw the ferry coming in from Ireland. Now, have you ever seen a P&O ferry doing a three point turn. Well I did, and I took pictures for posterity.

And there you have it - a ferry doing a 3 point turn. Are you impressed? I was!!!

Scottish Windfest part 2

I hope you don't mind me doing this but I am going to post a few more Windfest pictures. I had a visit and comment from somebody who was a windsurfer at this event saying that they would like more pictures. So, I hope they manage to come back and have a look. Would you believe I took 99 shots that day.  But that is all I am posting - honest!!

Link Up

I wanted to try a link up - not really tried this before. So I thought I would link up one of my flower pictures - just because I love them so much lol. Hope it works - wish me luck!!
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Scottish Windfest

This weekend our town hosted an event called "Scottish Windfest". This is a grassroots show for windsurfing, kite-surfing and a host of other water sports for all ages.  It was very well attended and actually quite exciting to watch. I went down today to have a look with my trusted wee point and shoot camera.  I took quite a lot of pictures but I'll not post them all here - is that a sigh of relief  I can hear. Mmmm. I'll tell you what though you would have to be very fit to do that wind-surfing, those kites are huge.  If I was 20 - no make that 30 - years younger I might have been tempted. Ha - who am I kidding I could never have done that, ever.  Anyway on to the pictures.

Look at that sky - and it didn't rain.

Even the pets joined in.

Photograpers were everywhere.

 Hope that wasn't too many pictures for you!!

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