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A Beautiful Spot

Here I am again :))
I know, I know  I don't post for a week and then you get two posts in two days.   It's a bit like waiting for a bus - you wait all day and then they all turn up at the same time, lol.
I wanted to put these pics up because it was such a beautiful place.  We had left Mystic and were driving along some lovely tree lined road when we came upon this spot.   I couldn't believe it and I said to Danny  "We have to stop here!" So he did, well he pulled into a safe place first :))
It was just stunning -  a lovely day, beautiful coloured trees and clear still water with perfect reflections. What more could I ask for?

We got back in the car, eventually, and started on our journey to Maine and the White Mountains. 
By the way, I feel I should really say that the last four pictures in my previous post were all Danny's work.  My wee camera doesn't do very well in the dark.   He takes quite a good picture don't you think?
 Phew,  that will be me back in hi…


I've been meaning to get this post up for a few days now, but between one thing and another I'm only just getting around to it.
We visited Laura, Kevin and Riley on Sunday.  Laura and Riley haven't been very well - some sort of virus - it really laid them low but they are now finally on the road to recovery thank goodness.   Makes a mum/gran feel kind of useless when you are too far away to help!!!   Anyway we had a lovely visit and wee Riley is getting bigger all the time. 
 Note to self - I'll need to do an up-to-date post on  him soon.
Tonight I'm away to my weekly class of Pilates, last week was my first week back after my holiday and let's just say I paid for that in muscle pain the next few days.   Hopefully tonight will be a bit easier - wish me luck!!!
Anyway back to my travel report - I hope I'm not boring everyone rigid with this.   I have to say though it's great looking at the pictures and writing about it :))
We left Hyannis and started on our way t…

The Next Leg - Cape Cod

Well, I felt a week from a post about our holiday was long enough.  So here is the next leg of our journey. 
We picked up our hire car from Logan Int. Airport.  We got a really nice midsize car - a  white Hyundai Elantra.  Very comfy, which was just as well as we were going to be doing a lot of sitting in it, lol. 

Anyway we got of to a fairly good start until Dan took a wrong turn coming out of the airport.  We ended up driving in Boston, which was something we were trying to avoid.  But true to style Danny didn't get flustered or upset, he stayed calm and we got out of Boston unscathed.  It is quite scary driving in another country where the wheel is on the other side of the car and also driving on the other side of the road.  I felt he was driving quite close to my side of the road and had to 'nicely' tell him to move over a wee bit.  We had no problems though and Danny did a fine job of the driving :))
So we were making for the Cape Cod area as we had a hotel booked in Hya…

Our Holiday - Part 2 (Boston)

We got up on the Wednesday morning and caught a yellow cab to Penn Station to catch our Amtrak train to Boston!  You know every little thing we did - such as taking a yellow cab and catching a train - was quite exciting and I felt a bit like a small child on Christmas morning, lol.
Anyway,  the train journey was very comfy, the trains seem that much bigger and more comfy than they do at home!!!  We had bought a couple of Dunkin Donuts (are they great or what?) before we got on the train and a coffee on board to keep us going. The journey took about 4 hours and we arrived in Boston South Station at around 3pm.
I took lots of pictures on the journey and most of them are a bit blah but I did get a couple of half decent shots of the scenery as we sped by.
South Station, Boston
We walked the 20/30 minutes to the hotel and enjoyed the fresh air and scenery.  We were booked into The Taj Hotel, Boston, a VERY nice hotel which I would recommend to anyone - just look at our room.
An outside shot of…

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