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Happy Christmas Wishes

Since it's only a few days away until Christmas Day I thought I'd pop on to say Happy Christmas to all my blogging friends. 
Can you believe it's that time of year again - 'cause I can't!!!
I hope you are all ready and organised.   I am - I know I can't quite believe it either!!
The presents are wrapped, the decorations are up and lookingv very festive if I do say so myself :))
Can you guess who's this wee hand print is?

Yup, it's our wee Riley :))

We are all off to Dundee on Christmas Eve and we are going to spend Christmas Day with Laura and her wee family.  It should be lots of fun. Not only that, but I won't be in charge of Christmas  dinner for the first time.  I will, or course, be giving Laura a wee hand, but I know she will have it under control. 
I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas Day and that Santa is good to you :))
Best wishes to you all!!!


Here I am with another set of holiday pics. 
 We were our way to Vermont, Stowe to be exact.  
Since this holiday was to be for our silver wedding anniversary I decided I wanted to be in Stowe for the day.  I scoured the internet for a nice hotel, and I certainly got one.   We stayed at the Green Mountain Inn - we loved it :))
Before we arrived there we had a bit of driving to do.  So off we went and we passed through some beautiful and stunning scenery! 
 Lots of hills, mountains and trees.

Stowe is a lovely town and since it was 'out of season' it was quite quiet too.  The weather had turned decidedly chilly and was glad of my new jacket and gloves, let me tell you. In fact we were eating our breakfast on our first day there and it was actually snowing - just a wee bit and it didn't lie, but it was definately snowing :))
Here is out hotel. It even had rocking chairs on the front verandah.
Since it was halloween they even had decorations out.

We took a stroll around the town. The …

Trees, Mountains and Red Jackets

Well we were on the road once again,  heading towards Maine and the White Mountains.  
We did a couple of stops along the way.
The first stop we did was Concord.   This town was lovely (I think I say that quite a lot, in this trip report, but it's all true) and full of history.   It was very autumnal feeling with lots of lovely colourful trees

First of all we visited the Minute Man National Park.  What a fascinating place and so much to see, we really only popped in for a wee while.  Another thing I  always seem to be saying is "I wish we had spent more time there". 

The North Bridge

When we had finished in the National Park we visited the town. There were lots of lovely big white churches

and leaf strewn streets, with a lovely red fire hydrant :))

Finally hunger got the better of us and we stopped at 'Helen's' for some lunch.   Again a highly recommended place.  I had the tastiest triple ham and turkey sandwich and Danny had his favourite hotdog.   All extremely tasty…

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