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Ramblings on a Friday Evening

I bet you all thought I had got lost of something - I just don't know where this week has gone.  One minute it was Monday and the next thing I know it's Friday.   But, oh well it's Friday yipeeeee. Two whole days until Monday.
I'm so glad that so many people found the post about sunlight and lily pollen stains helpful.  It certainly is good to know about.  I for one will feel a lot happier about buying lilies in the future - only when it's sunny though!!!
Today my sister started her two week holiday from work - lucky thing!!! I'm quite jealous :) So I met her and we went for a scone, a coffee and a blether. I always enjoy that.
Tonight I am going to  watch the film Mama Mia -I love this film. No doubt I will be singing along as well because I also love Abba songs.  Hold your ears everyone I'm not the best singer in the world, lol.  
Anyway today is Green Day over at  Raindrops and Daisys
Here are my contributions today. Some greenery with just a wee bit of colour thrown…

Pollen Stains

I learned something new the other day and I thought I would share it with you - I'm quite nice that way, lol.
Well  I got lilies for my birthday, as you know, and I know how the pollen from them can really stain clothes etc. 
I have my lilies standing in a vase on my dining room table and everytime I set the table for dinner I have to move the vase. 
Well you know where this is going don't you?   Yup I managed to get the stain on not one but three items of clothing.    I know, how unlucky (or should that read careless!) can one person get. 
The first time it was on one of my favourite light green cardigans - I thought oh no that is that ruined!!
So I googled how to get lily pollen stains out. And I read that if you put the item out into the sunshine the stain will vanish.  Pah, I thought that will never work but I was willing to give it a shot.  And you know it worked. Totally removed the stain. A miracle!!! So I thought I would show you what happened with my shirt.
Pollen stains.
I suppos…


Do you remember that my lovely sister got me some beautiful lilies for my birthday. Well they have all blossomed and they are gorgeous - I can't believe how many flowers there are, and the perfume from them is something else!!  I have had them for a week and a half now and they are still going strong. Here are some pictures of them.

I got my faithful old black reflective plate out for this shot.  Anyway I hope you like them.
Sharing my pictures today with Nancy with

Also do you remember in my last post I said how clumsy I was - well I did it again tonight. No I didn't break any glasses. I was out on the deck picking the handful of blueberries that were growing on the plant  - now bear in mind it has been raining rather heavily here and that there are lots of plants sitting on the deck. Well I picked my 15 blueberries and turned around to come back down the steps.  The next thing I know I free-falling down said steps. The rain had made it sooooo slippy, it was like ice.  Now I have a ru…

A Cup And A Saucer

Well I had to rack my brain to think of something different for Green Day over at Fiona's Raindrops and Daisys today.  And this is what I eventually came up with.
This was my mum-in-law's tea set, well everything but the tea pot.  I think it is so lovely and delicate looking.  I'm pretty sure that it was her wedding china too. So I feel quite honoured to have it. I keep it safely tucked away in a glass cabinet just so that is doesn't get broken.  But I was feeling quite brave and decided to get some of it down to photograph it.  If you knew how clumsy I can be you would totally understand how nervous I was doing this, lol.  I think I am the worst in our house for breaking glasses, etc., I have no idea why that would be.  Some people (namely Danny and the girls) think I am a tad clumsy but personally I think I am just unlucky!!! Anyway you will be pleased to hear that no dishes or cups were hurt or damaged in this photoshoot :))

I love the handles on these cups and it gave me th…

My Not So Empty Nest

I am always on the lookout for new things to photogaph.  Oh dear, I think I might just be a wee bitty obsessed with this photography thing  :))
Anyway I came across these fans which have been sitting safely in a cupboard.
My sis-in-law lived in China for a while quite a few years ago when our girls were quite small.  When she came back she brought them these lovely fans.  They are made out of wood - I'm not sure what type - but I think they are rather lovely.  

On a seperate note - thanks very much for all of your lovely comments on my last blog.  I may have unintentionally given the impression that all of my girls are leaving home when in fact it is only Laura.  So I won't have a totally empty nest - my other two little birds are not flying off just yet :)) 
Karen and Emma will be able to commute to university - thank goodness!!!  
Emma is very keen to move out but I think she is going to wait till next year and Karen is happy to live at home (I think she knows where she is well of…

The Friendly Grasshopper

I'm not a great fan of beasties, but when I was working in the kitchen the other day this wee fella decided to pay a visit.  We don't normally get grasshoppers visiting so I can only imagine that he came in from the golf course which is behind our houses.
You know these wee blighters can jump really high!!!   As I was kneeling next to him trying to get his picture he jumped up and landed in my hair - eeeeek!!!  So I quickly removed him.   Then he jumped out the back door.
Here is a front view of him. Aren't their faces amazing?  Just look at those eyes. He quickly made an exit, never to be seen again.  I wonder where he hopped off to!!!
Last week was a really big week for my girls.   Laura, my oldest who just turned 23 two weeks ago - (how did she get that old without me realising???) has just rented her first flat.  So she will be moving out in a couple of weeks.  How am I feeling about that? Well I am really happy for Laura as she is very excited about it and I'm also feeling

Carnations in the Sun

I got these lovely carnations for my birthday. 
They were sitting on my kitchen windowsill in the sun and I felt the need to take some pictures. 
I was also given some beautiful lilies which I will be pointing my camera at too. :)) 
Do you think the message may have got out that I love flowers?!!
Did you spot my deliberate error on my last post, cough cough. 
The first picture I put up had already posted before. I'm not sure how I did that, I think  I was going to put a different one up but for the life of me I can't remember which one it was.  
So I apologise for that!!!
I also wanted to say thanks to everyone for the lovely birthday wishes you sent my way - I really appreciate every one of them.  
You are a lovely lot :)))
I also found this quote which made me stop and think.
Don't Just Count Your Years Make Your Years Count  (Ernest Meyer)
Now I'm not sure who Mr Meyer is/was but he was surely a very wise man!!!

I think I have wittered on enough for today so, I am
Sharing today wi…

Green Day

Well, it's Friday once again and that means two things.  First it is Green Day over at Raindrops and Daisys and secondly it's the last day of my holiday :( I've really enjoyed my holiday and I'm not sure I want to go back to work on Monday.   I will of course go back but I would really love another week off - or is that me being REALLY greedy :)
Anyway for Green Day I'm posting my last pictures  of Loch Doon - I really hope you are not too fed up of them!!! These are just a few odds and sods that I took - but they fit the green theme :))
I love the colour of the wildflowers and greenery in this one.
This was a glade we found that we just couldn't resist walking into.   There was something quite magical about it - apart from all of the midges that were biting us.
Looking up through the trees.
The ground was covered in many layers of pine needles.  It was almost like walking on a lovely soft carpet.
Well I think that is all of my pictures from the Loch you will be pleased …

Some Strawberries And Some Sugar

One of the things I have wanted to try for ages is jam making.   My lovely daughters gave me a jam making set for my birthday last year and I'm ashamed to say I never used it.  But on Saturday I changed that!!! I bought some strawberries and jam sugar and had a go. I thought I'd blog about it so that in years to come  (when I'm really good a jam making lol) I can look back at this blog and see where I started.

 Well,  I bought my Preserving Book a couple of years ago (I seem to plan well in advance don't I) and I have to say it is a really good book with lots of lovely mouth watering recipes.
The ingredients needed are 1kg (2 1/4 lbs)  hulled strawberries  6 tablespoons lemon juice 900kg (2lb) jam sugar
Who would have thought just these 3 three ingredients could make something so tasty!!!

So, off I went and bought my strawberries - don't they look tasty?
And I couldn't resist doing a close up shot!!!
Lemon Juice


Pop strawberries and lemon juice into the jam pan and …

Turning 51

I bought myself some Aster flowers a couple of weeks ago and took some pictures.  Have I said lately how much I love flowers? :))
Today I turned 51 - yes 51!!!!  
Can you believe it.? 
 Actually to be honest I'm not too bothered by the number. 
I've had a great couple of days. Yesterday afternoon I went out with my sis-in-law for cocktails. Now some of you may remember we did this last year as well.  I think we may just have started a new yearly ritual, lol I had a strawberry and apple cosmopolitan (well I actually had 2) and I have to say they were delicious. So we had a good blether for a couple of hours and then Danny picked me up and we went out for dinner. 
Great, no cooking and no dishes - suited me just fine I can tell you :)
After dinner we went for a lovely walk along the beach front.  A great way to finish the day.
Today, Karen, Danny and  I went to Hobbycraft (a crafting shop). I have to say Karen was in her element :))
I got some great prezzies today.  Laura got me a bicycle…

Loch Doon - part 2

 So, we visited Loch Doon.   It is about an hours drive away from our house. Once you enter the Galloway Forrest it is mostly single track road, there are plenty of passing places but it is such a bendy and hilly road you don't really see any other traffic until you are head to head and somebody has to reverse to get to a passing place. Definitely have to keep your wits about you and I'm kind of glad Danny was driving :)   Another benefit to Dan driving was that I could take in all of that beautiful scenery :))
We packed our bikes in the boot of the car with the intention of going for a cycle when we got there. But when we reached the part we wanted to get to the road was very stony and hilly - so we thought twice about cycling :)  I was kind of worried somebody might fall off and get hurt (and it might have been me!!!).
So we went for a walk instead and we traipsed over marshland,  jumping over meandering streams in the hope we wouldn't land right in the middle of one. That wou…

Loch Doon Castle

Now as I said in my last post we visited Loch Doon on Thursday.  A very beautiful and peaceful place to visit.  I recommend visiting midweek when it is even  quieter than it is at the weekend. I decided split our visit into two posts - this one is on Loch Doon Castle.
We visited Loch Doon when our girls were a lot smaller and I don't remember the castle at all.
 I'm not sure how I could have forgotten about it as it is quite stunning. 
Amazing to think it was originally built on an island on the Loch and transferred to the mainland and rebuilt.  A wee bit more detailed explanation here.

This is the view to the side and back of the castle, the hill is called Hill of Craigmulloch and is 690 feet above the loch.

Danny coming through the front entrance - gives the true height of the doorway.
The view out of one of the windows - stunning, don't you think?
We reckon there were two floors to the castle with the arch on the ground being a doorway and the recess on the wall was a fireplace …

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