23 Years

Well today I have been a Mrs for 23 years, yeah 23 years, how can it possibly be that long!  I, or rather we, look soooo young in the picture. I look a bit different now, a few (quite a few) pounds heavier lol, a few wrinkles and grey hair. As a sideline, why is it that Danny has less grey hair than me - don't think that is very fair - do you? I think I must have had a harder life than him - or something!!!

Anyway, when  I woke up 23 years ago today it was a beautiful day, blue sky, sun shining but very cold. One of my abiding memories of that day was I had no where to put a hanky and boy my nose was running that day. But my lovely husband had a hanky in his pocket which he gave to me so I could blow my nose and of course I had to give it back to him as I had nowhere to put it. He took it and put it back in his pocket - Ahh true love!!! lol.

We had a great day and I truly enjoyed our wedding day. I would do it again in a heartbeat - but, it would have to be with Danny again. 

Happy Anniversary Dan!!!! Here's to many many more.


leavesnbloom said…
congratulations Ellis . You looked such a beautiful bride and I love that carpet of autumnal leaves as a background.
Eileen said…
Congratulations on 23 years together. It's a beautiful wedding photograph.
Congrats Ellie and Danny,

Wishing you both a very happy anniversary
and here is to the next 23 years!


Fiona x
busybusybeejay said…
Happy anniversary!My OH is like Danny.Full head of hair,no grey and doesn't need glasses and we are way older than you two.Hope you have a great day.Cherish it.
Giga said…
No to gratulacje dla Ciebie i męża i dalszego szczęśliwego życia razem. Pozdrawiam
Annabella said…
Happy Anniversary Ellie and Danny - great pic from the eighties...didn`t you love them? Hope you have ha a wonderful day together and here`s to many more.
Tracy Wood said…
Congratulations to a fine looking couple. My hubby and I will celebrate 26 years in December!
aaawe - happy day to you both! : )
Jill said…
You were a beautiful bride, Ellie! You and your handsome husband look as though you are part of a fairy tale!

Happy 23 to you! May you have many more happy years together!
Debbie said…
what a cute photo...you look like a princess bride!!

and you both look soooo young!!
Anne said…
Happy Anniversary! Hope you have a lovely weekend:)
Sara said…
Congratulations Ellie and Dan!! Have a wonderful anniversary!
Aww, I love the hanky story, so funny and so sweet!
Lea White said…
Oh wow! Happy anniversary! 23 Years! We'll be 12 years this year in December. And yes, am also quite a few pounds heavier...

Enjoy the celebrations!
Flora said…
You both look so beautiful! Congratulations on 23 years! and many more!!!
Congratulations on 23 years. You were a beautiful bride!
Tezzie said…
Awww...so sweet! Congratualtions!

And, thanks so much for coming by to leave such kind comments...they warm my heart :)
Paul said…
A sweet story about the hanky. True love indeed. May you have many more!
Anonymous said…
Dear Ellie and Dan

your anniversary story is really really beautiful, as you both were on your wedding day. Brings back such happy memories along with an emotional tear to my eye. Your dad and I wish you all the best for a happy healthy future together. We also hope you enjoy your concert. Much love always.

Mum and Dad
deb duty said…
Happy Anniversary! Your wedding photo is so beautiful. It's fun to look back!
Ellie said…
Thank all for your lovely comments, I truly appreciate every one of them. :)))


PS Mum and dad - Thank you - love you!!!!
Congratulations :) This is very inspiring!!!
Pat MacKenzie said…
What a beautiful picture and sweet story. It's funny what stands out from our wedding day isn't it. Here's hoping you have another equally happy 23 years - at least!
Jill said…
I am having problems with gmail but I want you to know how much I appreciate your comment on my blog. Your kindness has touched me deeply.
Buttons said…
Happy Anniversary you both look so beautiful. Growing old gracefully together that is the goal. Who cares about the hair and stuff. B
lisa said…
What a beautiful couple you are!!!
Happy anniversary to you both! What a sweet photo- thanks for sharing it with us!
geetlee said…
Happy Anniversary Ellie and Dan ♥ ♥ ♥
You look so beautiful! I love your gown.
I love the fall leaves in the background. Both of you look so radiant!
Here's wishing many more years of happiness and love.
orchid said…
Hi, Dear Ellie.
Wow, Happy anniversary to you two♡♡♡
And you looked just ADORABLE cute girl!!!
Oh, I loved the way you put it remembering the day. Yes, I also DO recall thinking no place to have a hanky in case I would be in tears when I read the appreciation letter to my parents at the ceremony (haha, I didn't)
ps> our anniversary is 30th of Oct. (34 years) This year was busy to do any thing.

Love and Lots of Hugs to you, Orchid*
Kala said…
Just saw this post. Congratulations!
Dianna said…
Belated Happy Anniversary. Love the hankie story!
Kayla said…
Oh, Happy Anniversary, Ellie and Dan! here is to another happy 23 years....running noses and all!
Connie Smiley said…
You looked like a very happy couple; congratulations on your 23 years. A wet hanky-- true love indeed!
Rose said…
Oh, you were a pretty bride! I hope you had a happy anniversary!
23 years, congratulations. You both looks just as happy now.
Nonna said…
Beautiful photo !! Congratulations you two, you look SO happy. Lotsa love, Elaine
Ps that could be Emma in that photo :))
Ellie said…
Hi Elaine, thanks for commenting. I was thinking that I looked a bit like Emma - there is no denying she is my daughter is there? Or did you think she looked like Danny lol.

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