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Bread Making Day!

I have been wanting to make a hand made loaf for ages.  And today I decided to set the time aside just to do that.  We have a breadmaker which is great - you just tip all the ingredients into the pan and put it in the machine and 4 hours later you have a lovely tasty loaf. But I think there is so much more to be gained by making it completely by hand!
While we were on holiday last year for dinner one night we were served a honey and wholemeal loaf it was served with maple butter.   Oh my goodness - it was soooooo delicious.   From the moment I tasted it I knew I would want to try and make it.
After we got home I searched on good old google for a recipe - and I found one.  It came from a cook book called "King Arthur Flour Baker's Companion".  I decided to look for the cook book to see what it was like, I liked what I saw and it got great reviews, so I bought it from Amazon.  In my view you can never have to many cook books - well you can but who cares :)) 
King Arthur Flour is ba…

Grow Your Blog 2014

Hi everyone.   I'm adding my post a wee bitty late, but don't they say better late than never, I certainly hope that is what they say :))
I had found out about this great link up a while back and decided to put my name down.   What a great idea for a link up by the way!!!   It is run by Vicki at  2 bags full - you should go and have a look at her blog!
Anyway a little bit about myself.  
I'm Ellie, pleased to meet you! I live on the west coast of Scotland and I'm a wife, mum to 3 lovely girls and gran to my very first grandchild, a lovely wee lad called Riley who is 10 months old now :))  Let me tell you it is great to be a gran and I love it! 
My three daughters are 24, 22 and my youngest just turned 19.  Phew when did they get so grown up.  That's the trouble with life - it just rushes by when you least expect it !!!
My interests - I love to take pictures even though I've slipped a wee bit at that, however I got a new camera for my Christmas and once this awful weat…

The Final Instalment

Here it is, the last and final post on our holiday.  Ah!!! -  is that a collective sigh of relief I can hear :))
I know it has taken me a long while to get these all up but this is it, after this one there will be no more!!!!
When we left Niagara we weren't sure which way to head back to Newark airport.  Now I am a bit of a worrier and I was very concerned we wouldn't make it back to in time for the flight, but Danny assured me we would and said words to the effect of  'don't be so silly'.  We hummed and hawed and finally decided to go back via Pennyslvania.  I am so glad we did because it was such a beautiful part of our journey. 

We drove through to Lancaster, our idea was to go the The Lapp Valley Farm to sample some of their ice-cream.   We had read that this was the BEST ice cream - and who could say no to that?   The trouble was by the time we got there we realised it was Sunday and it was closed!!!!  We hadn't even realised what day it was, oh well I suppose we …

Niagara - The Power of the Water

Well I've had a long enough rest from posting my holiday shots.   I've only got another 1 post to go and then it will all be done - you will be pleased to hear :))
Anyway ...  after another 7 hours on the road we arrived at Niagara.  It was a very grey day and a bit drizzly, it was also out of season so quite quiet too.
We found our hotel - The Giacomo - which was lovely!!!  We did very well with all of our hotels - no disappointment anywhere.
We dumped our bags and headed out towards the falls. We were quite excited to see them!!

Our hotel in the distance!
It was very cloudy and grey but the sun shone for just a few minutes and I managed to capture it - much to Danny's disgust as he was fiddling with his camera and missed it  ha!!!
Not a bad shot - even if I do say so myself lol.

The bridge nearest in the picture is the viewing deck which hangs right over the water,  it was closed which I was quite pleased about as I don't think I could have gone on it (I have a fear of heigh…

January 2014

Hi everyone!
I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year. 

We were supposed to drive over to Laura's in Dundee on Christmas Eve but the weather has been atrocious here.  Very windy, with strong gusts and heavy rain, YUK!!!.
As a result we decided it would be much safer to drive over on Christmas Day instead.   It was so much calmer on the day with no wind or rain and we had the added bonus was that the roads were very quiet.  We left home quite early at around 9am and arrived at Laura's at about 11am.  
Wee Riley hasn't been very well for a wee while and was suffering from a throat and ear infection.   Poor wee soul!!  But he has been put on a course of anti biotics and is really getting much better now.   Laura (with a little bit of help from myself) organised the dinner.  Kevin's parents and brother were coming too.   It was a lovely day and I was really glad to be part of Riley's very first Christmas. You kind of forget what its like when your children are grown …

Happy New Year

Sending everybody Happy New Year wishes.   I hope it's a great one for everyone :))
My hope for this new year -
To be able to blog much more often!!! :))

I'll be back soon.

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