My Very Busy Day!!

Phew, I've had a busy day today.  I had arranged to meet my friend for a coffee at 10.30 this morning, so I picked her up and we visited a little farmhouse coffee shop. We had a lovely coffee and a scone - 'twas lovely it was. Well we blethered for a couple of hours - I don't quite know how we managed to talk for so long - ok I do know I'm a chatterbox. I didn't think I was, but I suppose I must be, mind you I did have some help.
Anyway after a very enjoyable few hours I came home. 
Karen wasn't working today and wanted to do something with her old mum (that would be me). So we decided to do lunch and then go and take some pictures - she is into that as well now - my wee photography buddy hee hee.  Karen wanted to go to the place I had just left for coffee. They must think I am a bit mad in there! Anyway that's where we went. I had a lovely bowl of sweet potato and leek soup and Karen had her usual chips (you know the healthy food). 
 Then we wandered along the country road - no pavements - squeezing into the side when a car came by. Just as well it is a fairly quiet road. We found some lovely picture opportunities. 

The Farm Donkey (so cute)

This sheep was definately giving me the eye!


Raindrop soaked spiders's web

Lovely Red Berries

Then it was time to go home to get the dinner on.  Such a hard day lol.


Jill said…
That sheep is too funny! I love all of your pictures and am glad you had a good, busy day. :) Relax tonight!
Anne said…
I love a good natter over coffee and hot scones! Sounds like you had a fab day!!
TexWisGirl said…
What - you didn't eat dinner at the same coffee shop? ha ha...
Marsha Young said…
I loved the photos - and the account of your "tough day". :)

Everyone should have one of those now and then, and I am glad it was your turn. blessing to you - Marsha
Sheila said…
Looks like you had a very enjoyable day , great photos ,love the spiderweb .
Debbie said…
what an adorable sheep....have a wonderful sunday!!
Michele said…
The countryside is so beautiful! I love the sheep - he does look like she's giving you the eye! The soup sounds delish - now I want some soup! =) I'm glad you had a wonderful day!
It sounds like you had a perfect day. I love your photos, they are really wonderful.
Flora said…
I learned a new word...blethered:) Beautiful pictures!!
Here blathered means piddly eyed drunk!!!!!

But I know in Scotland it means "chatted"
- well I hope it does
I would be worried about you Ellie if you
were drunk as a skunk at 10.30!!!!!!

Glad you had a nice day with your friend and with Karen.
Her diet sounds like the 3 here!

Photos are great, love the rainy ones.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

x Fiona
Eileen said…
I love the raindrop photos and that sheep made me laugh!

Take care and hope you have a good week.
Lasse said…
Didn´t you eat at the same coffey shop ? Is that me on the first pic ? :))
A wonderful day, Ellie! Doesn't it just fill your heart with good when you get to chat to your hearts content, enjoy great company and take in the country side! These shots are the sheep stare! Lovely post!
Anonymous said…
Dear Ellie, this is Orchid.
Oh, good busy day♬♬♬
I loved all of your pics and liked the sheep the best, my friend. I was born in the sheep year according to the Chinese zodiac sign.
Love you always, Orchid*
Rose said…
Sounds like a fun day with your daughter. Nice images, also. Does your daughter have a blog???
geetlee said…
love the raindrops on the spiders web.
hope you had a great weekend!

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