Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Happy Birthday

What happens when you take some sprinkles

 the number 

put them together and make a cake

Yup you guessed it - it's a birthday.  

This blog turned two today!!!

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you 
Happy Birthday dear Ellie's Place
Happy Birthday to you.

Can you believe it - I've had this blog for 2 years now.  Where does the time go!!

When I began putting my thoughts down into my wee notebook I never thought it would last as long as this. 
I've 'met' and conversed with lots of other lovely bloggers it is such a lovely community to be part of. 
Blogging has become such a large part of my world and I really love it. 

Here's hoping to many more blogging years ahead. 

Thank you, everyone, for keeping me going. :))

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Sunday Extra

I just thought I'd put a quick post up.  Two in two days - woohoo!!! :)

Anyway this afternoon Danny and I went into a town near us called Ayr to do a wee bit of shopping.  Only trouble was it was shopping for Danny  - mmmm something not very fair about that isn't there?

We were walking along the River Ayr and I spied these bridges I've always wanted to take of picture of.  I, of course, had my wee point and shoot in my bag so I took the opportunity and took the shot. 

As you can see we have had another lovely day today - it's actually very warm too.  The only trouble is it is supposed to rain all day tomorrow - och never mind we have had two lovely days and that will have to do me. 
I'll just have to find some indoor pursuits to do  tomorrow.  I'm sure there must be lots of activities I could be doing (most of them are housework though, and I'm not that keen on that).

Well it's now 11.30pm and time I switched this notebook off. 

Goodnight all!!! :)

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Heart Stone

We have the luxury of being off for three whole days this weekend.  Monday is a public holiday here.  It is so nice to have an extra day off, the only trouble is that we just know when we go back to work on Tuesday it will be pandemonium and so busy!!!

But we won't think about that until Tuesday :))) and I'm just going to enjoy my three days. 

Today the weather has been absolutely lovely so Danny and I went for a wee day trip along the coast.  We drove for about two hours.  The roads were very busy - it seems that the minute the sun came out everybody got the same idea as us!!!

I did of course take lots of pictures - they're not on the computer yet but as soon as they are I will do a post about it.

This evening at around 9pm Karen and I took a walk along the beach front.  It was a good bit chillier but it was a lovely walk and nice and quiet too. 

In fact walking along the path I found this:

A heart shape set in the path. I couldn't believe it - what a cool thing to see!

We also noticed that there were lots of dandelion heads around.  Now I love these - they are so light and feathery looking. 

 Other news is that lovely Riley is finding his smile - there is nothing much that can beat the smile of a wee baby :))

That's all I have for today folks, have a lovely weekend all!!! :)

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Five Minutes

Well, I did it!!
My presentation was yesterday afternoon.

My topic was to be on Customer Care in the Surgery!!!!
I was well prepped and had created my power point slides and was just waiting for the moment to come. 

We picked names out of a hat to decide when we would each have our turn. 
I had been told the two worst slots were being first and last.  

Guess which one I was -
Yikes - but that was ok it would mean I would get it out of the way quick.
But the nearer the time got the faster my heart was beating and it was all I could think about.

I got up set up my slides and had my notes handy - which I didn't really want to read from, I wanted to speak to my audience but was worried I would lose my place. 

But the minute I turned to speak I started to shake, rattle and roll.  
I swear I even think my hair was shaking, lol.  Not  a good look (or feeling)  I can tell you!!!
 However I didn't use my notes and I completely forgot to use the slides and my voice shook with every syllable I spoke. 
But my five minutes finally came to an end and my torture was thankfully over. 

I felt it went dreadfully but my colleagues - lovely supportive girls that they are - said lovely things about it and said it didn't go as badly as I thought it had!!!    
My tutor said that even though I was very nervous it was well prepped and delivered well. I don't think she could possibly be hearing the same speach I was giving, lol.

Every time I think about it I cringe.
I had a picture in my head of how well I would do and the reality didn't match my internal vision.  Oh well!!  It's over and I'm not planning on doing that again for a loooooong time.
I know I'm a wimp!  :))) 

I do wonder though, what brings on these types of reactions. I knew I was very nervous but never thought I would react like that. 
I'm obviously not cut our to be a public speaker, but them I sort of knew that already :))

Anyway on to nicer and more calming thoughts and a couple of pretty pictures.

We had a really rainy day the other day and when I was sitting in our dining room I saw these lovely raindrops sparkling on the trees.  So pretty!!!
So I grabbed my camera and took some pictures.
There,  I feel better already. :)))

Friday, 17 May 2013

Pictures For The Album

Just as I think I'm getting  back on top of my blog I have another busy and full week.  

Along with my sister I started a pilates class on Monday night so before you know it I am going to be toned and flexible - well that's the hope anyway, lol.

Then on Tuesday afternoon Laura, Kev and Riley came for a visit and stayed until Wednesday. And what else could I do but give Riley all of my attention!!! 

Talking of Riley - I'm sure you must all be absolutely fed-up of baby pictures by now but I just had to post these ones.  
Then I promise a wee rest from them :))  

These are very special pictures to me as they feature my mum and dad (great gran and great grandad). 

My dad, mum, Riley, Laura and me.

I never thought I'd get a picture of four generations of the family - but here it is.
Definately pictures for the album - once I get it started!!!

I am also doing a course for work - I work as a doctor's receptionist and it is a course on receptionist skills.  

One of the things we are required to do is a five minute presention on something we have learned on the course. 

Yikes -  I hate doing anything like this. 

Anyway that is due on Tuesday next week so I'm going to be busy this weekend working on that.  

Wish me luck for the actual presentation - to say I'm dreading it would be a massive understatement.  
If anybody has any hints and tips on public speaking (even if it is only in front of 10-12 people)  I would be more that happy to hear them :))

I hope you all have a sunny, fun filled weekend. 

Thursday, 9 May 2013

A Lovely Sunny Day

Well. it's just typical I take a week's holiday and it rains, it's windy and cold.
 Then the first day back at work and it was a gorgeous day.  Lovely bright blue sky, sun splitting the sky and it's hot - in fact some may even say it was t-shirt weather and we don't get many days like that around here these days!! 
Although it has to be said the good weather only lasted the one day - I just hope that wasn't our summer for the year!!!
 I thought I'd take a wander around our garden to see what colour I could find. 

Our wee apple tree has blossoms already - which will hopefully mean some lovely apples come the autumn.

We also have a tree which was here when we moved into this house around 19 years ago.  I've no idea what it is but it does have some lovely blossoms every year.  
They start off being these wee red buds and then they turn into lovely light pink blossom.  One year we even had two sets of blossoms. When it is in full bloom it is really pretty.  

And then there is the common dandelion flower, which is a real pain in the garden but nonetheless quite a pretty wee flower - I just know that Danny won't agree with me about the pretty flower bit, sorry Dan :))

     I hope you are having lovely weather wherever you are in the world :))

Monday, 6 May 2013

A Post - With Pictures!!!

Well,  I'm home!!!
I have come home feeling tired (very tired, but don't tell Laura and Kevin that, 'cause I'm sure they must feel more tired than me!!) and happy but missing them all an awful lot.

Anyway I had a few posts that I wanted to put up while I was away but between not having enough time and not being able to put pictures up I didn't get around to it.

Well, I have fixed the picture problem by changing from Firefox to Internet Explorer I'm not sure why firefox is giving me these problems.

Now onto baby Riley - I can see a change in him already he is looking to see who is speaking to him and he snuggles in  when you give him a wee cuddle - which is soooooo lovely let me tell you :))

I think I am suffering from some withdrawal symptoms and missing my daily cuddles :(

Anyway one of the things I wanted to post about is my fear of heights and that fact that when I go to New York at the end of the year I fully intend to go up the Empire State Building and also the Rockerfeller Center. 
So small steps to begin with - there is a viewing spot on the River Tay in Dundee and I decided I was going to go up by myself and take a picture of the view.
Can you see me at the top? - what you don't see is me clinging onto the handrails! 

Then I had to start the descent and boy were my knees shaking coming down. I think it was because I was having to look down.

Yay made it safely back to ground level :)) Can you see the relief on my face.

 Yes  I made it safely back to earth the only problem is that I only took my wee point and shoot up with me and when I went to snap the picture the batteries had died - aaarrrrgh!!!  So no picture and I certainly wasn't going back up again - my legs were shaking too much :))

But I did manage to climb it - so I was quite pleased with myself :))

Now I just had to add one of these pictures -  just because I can't help myself, lol.

All cosy sleeping on his gran - gran is quite cosy too :))

All together now - awe!!! lol.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Our Day

I was going to do a post of our day yesterday together with a few pictures - but my pictures won't download onto blogger for some strange reason.  I have checked everything I can but can't find the problem.  So I will just have to do yet another post with no pics - sorry!!!!

But first of all I really have to thank you all for your lovely comments on my spending time with wee Riley - I really appreciate all of them you are all so lovely :)).

And secondly I have to apologise because I have not been to any blogs for a visit and and comment for a while.  
When I get home at the weekend I will rectify that. 
Time is just totally getting away from me here - with so much to do such as cuddles, nappies, winding and burping (I'd quite forgotten how sore it was on the little ones with colic and wind, poor wee loves). 
I will tell you something though if you could burn up calories by floor walking with a baby I'll be going home super slim, lol.  Somehow I don't think I will though!!

Our day yesterday consisted of spending the morning with the wee one and then getting ready to go for a walk in the sun.  We did a bit of shopping and back home.  All the while Riley slept through it all. 
I did have a nice selection of pictures to put up but oh well they will have to go on another time.

I did have a really nice moment when Riley was fast asleep on my shoulder - so cute - Riley that is not me!!!!  I did have a picture for that too!!

So there you have an update for folks at home and all of my blog buddies :))

I'm going to try once more to put my pictures up if they aren't here it hasn't worked!!!