"The Oreo Lick Race"

Have you heard of this?

Last night Emma said to me "Mum, will you do the Oreo lick race with me" So, of course I said "What on earth is that". So she explained to me that you need a glass of milk and an oreo biscuit.  You have to split the biscuit in two and lick all the cream off (you can only lick it off) and then you dip the biscuit into the milk and then eat it. The person who finishes first is the winner.  Sound like fun!!!!   Yes of course it does, nothing like a bit of childish fun lol.
Well, I'm always up for a laugh (and a challenge) and I love oreo biscuits so I agreed to do it.  I didn't take any pictures of us doing this as it's quite messy and a bit unglamourous (not me at my best). 
Guess who won -  ME!!!  Emma was well miffed (unhappy). That will teach her to ask me to do these things, lol. It didn't half bring out the inner child in me!!!


Dianna said…
Oh, that sounds like fun! I love it when, as adults, we get to do fun, little childish things. Remember this:
we don't stop playing because we grow old: we grow old because we stop playing! (sorry I don't know to whom to give credit!)
BlueShell said…
heheheh...I know oreo...and I like to eat those like that...milk...

Funny...and delicious!!!

Hugs from portugal
Flora said…
Fun Fun! Glad you won:)
Jill said…
What a delightful, fun thing for you and Emma to do. Way to go, Mom!
Sheila said…
Congrats on winning this fun little challenge :-)
missing moments said…
Oh, now this sounds like a fun race!
Eileen said…
Ellie, it's great to hear that you're still in touch with your inner child!!
busybusybeejay said…
That made me chuckle!
Haha, I've never heard of this game before but I'll be challenging my loved-ones to it soon! Congratulations on the win :) xxx
leavesnbloom said…
You would beat me too! I love taking my time with those LOL
orchid said…
Hi! Dear Ellie.
I've heard this way of eating Oreo from one of my students. I don't remember she said it was a game.
Haha, you won!!! Lovely to know you had nice time with her♡♡♡
Much Love and Hugs to you, Orchid*
How cute. It sounds like you had a lot of fun.
Paul said…
Sounds like fun. Anything involving food sounds good to me! I'm into childish! Why else would I be a teacher? Gives me a chance to be a big kid!
I've played this game a few times, Ellie!

Lots of fun & a good excuse to have some Oreos!
Congrats .Nice to know you .New to your blog .

Follow each other.
That is just too much fun!!!
Jeanne said…
so this gave me my laugh for the day! Sounds lik e something that I would do with my daughter! Jeanne
Rose said…
You got me wanting oreos now!
Buttons said…
Now this is my kind of fun sharing a messy game with the one you love. B

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