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Good Morning Flower

I just love this little lilac flower peeking it's wee head up amongst the weeds and grasses.  It is almost as if it is saying 'good morning everyone', (well that's what I think anyway). 

It is now saturday evening and I'm feeling much more relaxed than last night.   I'm going to have my dinner and have a lovely big glass of wine - that's just to make sure I'm nice and relaxed :))  I'm not a big drinker so I think one glass should do it :)
Our car is off the road once again and Danny is busy working on it.   Cars are great when they work but a real royal pain in the butt when they don't - don't you think? We are hoping to get away for a couple of days at the end of October so hopefully it will be in fine form for then.  We are hoping to maybe visit Loch Ness and then go on to visit our Laura.   You just know I'll be taking my camera with me!!  I am actually really looking forward to it.  Come on car - don't let me down!!!!

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A Little Bit of Friday Greenery

Well instead of it being Green Friday it is rather a grey friday.  It is rather dull and rainy here today. I so much prefer the lovely bright sunny autumn mornings.
Anyway remember that walk we took last weekend to pick brambles? - well I took lots of pictures and some of them fitted nicely into Fiona @ Raindrops and Daisys link up Green Day.
So I thought I'd post some of them.
The trail we took is called The Smugglers Trail and it covers quite a long distance.  We only did a tiny wee bit of it and it is quite a lovely walk.   I don't think I've done a post on the Smugglers Trail before but I will have to check  and if I haven't I will find out more details and write a post about it  'cause it is quite interesting.  It goes back many, many years when goods were smuggled in and transported up the trail.   I bet you can't wait for it now :))
Anyway on to the pictures.

 I actually wish I had sat in this seat because it was so peaceful - all you could hear was birdsong an…

A Lump Of Wood

With a title like that I just bet you were wondering what this post was going to be all about :)
Well, Danny has taken up a night class in wood turning and he attended his first class last night. 
First we had to go and buy some wood for working with.  We did that on Sunday and this is what we bought.

How many ways to photograph a lump of wood - well I tried a few, lol. 
Now I love wood - I love the grain, the smell and the look of it and I even got to choose a piece as well - I picked the middle one :))   Hopefully we will get some lovely wooden bowls out of it.  I can't wait to see how he gets on.
You just know that I will give you progress shots!!! Watch this space.
He inherited a Shopsmith Home Workshop System from one of my dad's friends.  He has already used it to cut wood for other jobs he has been doing but he really fancies turning some wood.   And I have to say after seeing what you can do with wood turning I really fancy it myself (but I'll let Danny do it fir…

The Tale of Elephants and Tangled Hair

Karen, Emma and I went shopping in Glasgow yesterday.   We decided to catch the train - a much more relaxing way of getting there than driving. I find driving in Glasgow just a wee bitty stressful and I don't like feeling stressed :))
Nobody bought very much but we did a fair bit of window shopping. 
I just had to put this picture up.   If you been reading my blog you will know that I just love elephants (for some strange reason unknown to me or anybody else!!)   This elephant was outside of Hamleys Top Shop in The Enoch Centre - isn't he just the cutest. :)) I did ask the girls to go and stand beside him but neither of them would do it, hmmmph!!!
We really enjoyed out girl's day out but came home feeling very tired - there was a reason for this though.
On Sunday night Emma's friend (who is training to be a hairdresser) came around and decided she wanted to do Emma's hair.  Now Emma has very long, thick hair and it is her crowning glory - you just know where I am going wi…

My Sunday

Well today's post was supposed to be an exciting tale  of foraging for brambles and then going home making a nice pot of jam. Well it all started off well enough - Karen and I went off brambles picking. We had a great morning, the weather was glorious. You know one of those lovely crisp autumn mornings, blue sky and just that wee bit chilly - lovely, my favourite kind of morning :))  The walk was very pleasant with not many people around. I got to take some pictures - of which there are very many (96 in fact) lol.  I think we were just a bit early in going picking because there were lots of red and not a huge amound of black ones ready.  
However we did our best and got what we could. We got home and washed and dried them - full of excitement of the promised end product. 

Then I got started on the jam making - have you ever made a boiled sweet in jar? - 'cause I did that!!!
 I'm not sure how I managed it, I think I may have overboiled it.  
Do you think it will catch on!!!
 I coul…

Oh Crumbs!!!!

Crumbs - that can only mean one thing.
I've been eating something really tasty :))

Maybe I should start at the beginning - well I would but I forgot to take some pictures as I started.   Doh, silly me!!!   You would think I would know by now to always take pictures!!!
I decided I wanted to make some empire biscuits. Yup you read that right - I made them, not Karen. It's not often I get let loose in my own kitchen to bake but today I did.
Anyway you mix together 225g  (7oz) butter, 100g  (4oz) of granulated sugar and 250g (8oz) plain flour and then add around 60ml (4 tbsp) of milk. 
Then you roll that out on a floured worktop. Cut out some round pastry shapes with your pastry cutter.

Then cook in the oven at 180oC/350oF/ Gas4 for 10 minutes.  Leave to cool completely.
Sandwich two of the biscuits together with lovely jam in the middle. Make some lovely glace icing with some icing sugar and a few spoonsfuls of warm water.  Cover the top of the biscuits with the icing. 
And then the best bit …

A Quiet Life

There is not much happening in our neck of the woods just now.  No exciting news!! and no drama's (thank goodness)
Life is trundling along at a quiet pace - which is good!!!
Laura is settling nicely into her new flat and Karen and Emma are beginning their university lives.  
But all of this quiet living leads for boring posts doesn't it?  
So, to spice it up a wee bit I though I'd show you a picture of the blueberry bush that Karen bought.  Sorry, that is about as exciting as it gets around here at the moment, lol.
Please excuse the half finished fence painting - we will get around to it some day :))
I'm pleased to say this is a really healthy plant

Just look at all of that fruit - I can't wait till it is all ripe for the picking. 
I love blueberries!!!!
It is so windy here just now that the branches on the plant were really blowing around while I was taking this picture.  I'm just hoping that the wind does not steel all of that lovely fruit before I can get it!!!
I hope…

Fruits of my Garden

Since it was very windy the other day and it blew one of the few apples off my apple tree I though I would do a post on the fruits of my garden! 

Such as they are!!!
I've actually now got two apples since I took these pictures, as another one was blown off the tree.  At this rate I'll have none left :(   Nasty Wind!!!
I  also got two red tomatoes from my tomato plants.  Now don't laugh - two is better than none :)) I bought eight plants a few months ago, six of them died, one produced these two tomatoes and the other produced - nothing!!!
And the other item is blueberries - Karen bought another blueberry bush which is extremely well laden with fruit.  So hopefully we will get lots of lovely blueberries :))

I tried to take a picture to make it look like a better crop - but there is just no hiding it - there is just not much there.  Oh well there is alway next year :))
Maybe I'll be a better gardiner next year too - don't hold your breath folks!!!!

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Green Friday

Oh thank goodness it's Friday.   It was such a stressful afternoon at work today.  Some Friday's go by quite smoothly but today was not one of those days.  However, it has now passed and I'm sitting at home.   I've done my grocery shopping and put it away, I've had a lovely cup of coffee (courtesy of Danny)  and I'm now sitting with my feet up and typing this post.
Laura is coming home tonight  (in fact Danny is just off to pick her up from the train station) to finish packing the last of her remaining things she has here - it will be really nice to see her!!!
I'm off to the hairdresser tomorrow to get my hair cut - I love to get my hair done :))
Anyway since it's Friday it is Green Day  over at Raindrops and Daisy I had to think what green picture I could post - and then I remember I took  pictures overlooking one of the golf courses we have here.  I have just done a count and I think there are six or seven golf courses in our wee town, phew that is quite a …

The Daisy

Oh dear!  I think summer has finally finished here. It is cold, rainy and really grey out there today.  Well, I suppose that means autumn is on it's way  - which is no bad thing!! 
I really like autumn with all of it's lovely golden colours, bramble picking, trees full of apples and the thought of a lovely bowl of homemade soup:) I love the cold crisp sunny mornings and the fact that I can wear cozy warm jumpers.  
Every season truly has it's own benefits :)))
So before it finally knocks on our doors I thought I would post another really pretty summer wildflower I found at the beach. Now, I'm definitely no expert but I think  it might be a member of the daisy family.  It has beautiful pale blue petals with a lovely yellow center.  The colours of summer!!!

I was reading an article in a magazine the other day and it said the daisy is so called because it the word daisy comes from the words 'days eye' because the flowers usually close at night.   Isn't it amazing what y…

The View

 I was going to post some pictures of Laura and Kev's new flat but I thought I'd better wait until most of their possessions were put away and and the boxes disposed of - it seems only fair :)) So instead I decided to post some pictures from the view from her balcony - yes she has a lovely balcony. I can picture lovely evenings sitting out sipping a lovely glass of wine and enjoying the scenery (and a wee bit of people watching too). :)
She has wonderful views over Dundee and can see for miles.   In the foreground is the City Quay - there are shops and offices in that building and it is a short cut into town.  Looking to the right you can see this boat called The Unicorn - can you see the white unicorn's head at the front of the boat?   While we were there on Saturday there was a wedding going on in there and on Sunday there were lots of uniformed people going in with instruments, it looked like it might have been a brass band.  I think you can also go in and look around - tha…

The Journey

PHEW!!!  What a weekend.  We helped Laura to move out over the weekend.   We loaded up the car on Saturday morning - did I say she had a lot of  things - 'cause she really does :))   We had to do another journey  through on the Sunday with the car again fully loaded!!!!
We then did the two and a  half hour journey to Dundee. Quite an uneventul journey despite taking two wrong turnings and getting stuck in a traffic jam.  We even managed to stop for a very nice coffee and scone in a wee coffee shop in  Auchterarder  - that was definitely worth stopping for - so delicious!!!
Anyway on Saturday we finally got there at around 2.30pm. Laura let us in to her new flat and I have to say they have done very well - it is lovely.  I will try and find some pictures of it that are tidy - there are lots of boxes lying around.  On Sunday the journey through was a bit better with no traffic jams or wrong turnings, lol. 
Does anybody else find travelling extremely boring, 'cause I do!!! Just as well I h…

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