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Can you believe it's the 1st April already.   This year is going by sooo fast.
It's also Friday and the start of the weekend. I love a Friday, with thoughts of what I may do at the weekend. However, it is absolutely pouring with rain today and I think there is more of the same for tomorrow. That really limits what we can do.  I'm sure I'll think of something though :)
Well I started writing this blog on the 1st and it's now the 2nd, I really do need to get myself more organised!

I got these lovely flowers from Karen and Emma on Mother's Day aren't they lovely. 
I've also got right into making photobooks. So far I've made one of Laura and Kevin's wedding.  I though I'd put a couple of my favourite photographer shots up.              Wedding photography by James Solly  photographer. 
 I quite often look through the album and it brings back lovely memories.

I have also completed a photobook of our holiday to America in 2013.  I'm just wondering what …

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