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New Windows

Twice in one week.  What can I say!!!

Anyway,  We discovered one of our upstairs windows was leaking.  The steady drip drip gave it away.  With all the rain we have been having it was easy to discover. Well hubby and I went out and bought 2 windows - as you do -  one to replace leaky one and one for the bathroom - very nice they are too.  Hubby informed me that he intended to take leaky windows out and replace with new ones - by himself.  Not having done this before I was a bit doubtful.  But true to his word he did it.  And I have to admit to being very impressed.  He never fails to surprise me. He now thinks we have to replace all windows in the house.  This has to go on the very end of a long list of jobs needing done in our house.  A selection of includes:  new bathroom, decorating the hall, decorating the living room. You get the picture. 

One step at a time, and we will slowly get there (I hope).

Sunday morning

I've been up a few hours and got a few things done. So, I thought I would try and bring this blog up to date. Have I said that I LOVE reading blogs.  I spend quite a bit of time doing just that.  The ones I read are all so interesting and there are kept up to date. To be honest I'm not sure where they get the time from - must be better at time management than me I guess. Lol.
My eldest daughter came home from her holiday in Chicago - she loved it!! That's somewhere else ticked off her list of places to visit. She is going to T in the Park in a couple of weeks.  For those not from Britain, T in the Park is an outdoor rock concert.  I don't really picture Laura living in a tent for a whole weekend and enjoying it, but we'll see. She may surprise us all. 
My middle daughter has sprung herself a new job. Now, Karen loves to bake and decorate cakes.  I would say it is her passion.  Well, there is a cake shop in the town next to us and she impressed them so much they hav…

I'm Ba-ack

See I told you I wasn't very good at doing things regularly.  Another reason for not blogging is that I don't really have much exciting to tell you about. But, I'll try.

Let me see, weather here is - not good.  A lot of rain, wind - very windy, cold and grey.  We did have a really  nice day on Friday, very warm, blue skys, lovely.  Then Saturday back to grey, windy and a lot cooler. At least no rain.

We discovered we have a leaky window in the upstairs hall.  Lying in my bed I could a steady drip, didn't know where it was coming from and then, I found it.  So a new window is needed, wood surround and all.  Hubby says he will fix it. So we went window shopping, literally. Lol.  We got two, one for the hall and one for the bathroom. How exciting is that!!!

Daughter 1 is still in Chicago, she comes home next Friday.  I hope she is having a great time.  We have all missed her not being here.  Daughter 2 doing well in college and daughter 3 finished her higher exams, just t…

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