The Innocent Daisy

Now even I know what this lovely flower is called.  It's a daisy and according to my book it means 'innocence'. I really love this idea that flowers have meanings. I'd never really heard of that before I read my book "The Language of Flowers" which by the way I've almost finished. It takes me a while to read a book as the only chance I get to read is in the bath and when I go to bed.

 A Lovely Daisy

 I don't really want to read this book in the bath as it is a hard backed book and I don't want to drop it in the bath - which I have been known to do lol.

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Jeanne said…
Ellie! Good morning! What a charming daisy picture. I have been readinglots of your blog posts and am really enjoying them! Looks as if you are having fun with your blogging. Isn't it wonderful. I tried to comment on several and had some trouble getting the comment posted, so will just tell you here... they are all great. Like your writing also. Enjoy! Jeanne from
An erigeron daisy, they are gorgeous aren't they. I love that these little beauties are so hardy. Lovely photo.
Jill said…
A very beautiful, sweet daisy. Lovely shot, Elle!
deb duty said…
Daisies are my favorite and this is such a lovely photo!
Daisies are such happy flowers - and your photo is just lovely!
♥~Judy~♥ said…
Very pretty shot. Thanks for the visit. Flowers are not only beautiful but fascinating and some of them healing!!
i love daisies too! Wow! Great macro ~ ^_^ ~namaste, Carol (Magical Monday Blog Meme) (A Creative Harbor)
busybusybeejay said…
That is why I can't have a Kindle.I might drop it in the bath!!
Eileen said…
We have a lot in common. I too love daisies, reading in the bath and have been known to drop my book in the water!

Lovely photo.
missing moments said…
Love daisies ... why do they make us smile???
TexWisGirl said…
a simple beauty. :)
Karen said…
It's a lovely flower. I like daisies, they are so simple, yet beautiful.
Well you know that I love daisies
and especially with raindrops
which we are having plenty of this week!!!

Lovely pic.

x Fiona
hannah said…
A genuine daisy-chain-daisy.
Haven't seen many in your lawns this year. Probably pushed out by dandelions :-)
Daisies are the epitome of innocence, I think. A lovely capture, Ellie.
lisa said…
What a lovely photograph Ellie. I love the simplicity of it, and it is just sooo nice to see a daisy when all of them are now gone here.

Thank you so much for sharing at The Creative Exchange today.

Have a wonderful day!

Nick said…
You have captured such beauty with this shot of the Daisy!

"Thank You"!!
Debbie said…
he loves me, he loves me not!! he loves pretty!!
Seeing Each Day said…
Lovely sweet photo. Thanks for the info too, I didn't realize flowers had meanings and I had to smile because the word innocence is exactly what comes to mind when I look at daisies.
Sheila said…
The daisy is one of my all time favorite flowers , lovely photo!
Annabella said…
Gorgeous capture Ellie - would you recommend that book? It keeps coming up as a recommended on my kindle list. I`m tempted.
Pat said…
I love daisies! This is a lovely shot, Ellie!
Flora said…
Love Daisies!! Great picture!
Tammy said…
Oh, does that ever sound good right now....a nice warm bath and a good book!

Now you've got me thinking...I wonder what some other flowers stand for.
Rose said…
A very nice shot...didn't know it meant innocence.

We always used to pull the petals off, one at time saying ' he loves me' with one and 'he loves me not' with the next one...and whatever we were saying as we pulled the last one was supposed to be what the boy of our desire felt about us.
I love the photo of the daisy. It is one of my favorites when it comes to flowers.
Paul Forster said…
As always a great shot! Books and water don't combine well!
geetlee said…
Wow, Ellie! So pretty. Beautifully textured too!
orchid said…
Hi, Dear Ellie.
I love Daisy as well, beautiful shot♡♡♡
Oh, I remember doing the same thing Ms. Rose said. Really lovely memory, and I had experience dropping a book in the bathtub p;)
Much Love and Hugs to you, Orchid*
Kala said…
Lovely capture of this beautiful daisy.

Happy MM
Roan said…
My grandmother's name was Daisy. Daisies always remind me of her. This one is especially pretty. I still haven't started reading "The Language of Flowers", but hope to get to it soon. Well after I read this month's book club selection, but like you, I only seem to find time to read before bed and if I wake up in the night.
Lovely daisy and now I know the meaning of this flower.

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