It's A Colourful World.

You know there is still plenty of colour out there at the moment. 
I was amazed when we were out for our walk on Sunday just how much there still is. And, I'm not just talking about Autumn leaves. There are berries, roses, flowers and an  assortment of others. 

Camellia (Thanks Deb)

 These are just a few of what we saw.


Jill said…
These are so beautiful! Tons of color for you yet. I really love all of the red berries...they make me think of Christmas. :)
Love the photos Ellie
they are so pretty.

My flowers are all soaked with rain as
the weather has been terrible here over the
last few days.

Went for lunch yesterday with my son Chris (21)
guess what he ordered -
Thought of you and your lovely girl!!!

x Fiona
TexWisGirl said…
very pretty! those last ones are rather unique!
Anne said…
Hi Ellie! Love all the photos. We had a lovely time in Edinburgh. I would like to see more of Scotland sometime!
deb duty said…
What a beautiful walk! I love all the gorgeous colors, especially the pink flower. Is it a camellia? If it is, ours like that don't bloom until January. (But the single leaf variety blooms in November)
Paul said…
They are absolutely beautiful. Lovely colours!
Debbie said…
i am too far behind to catch up, but that rose is perfection!!

your asters are beautiful as my favorite color ;)
I love the colors, how beautiful.
geetlee said…
love the colors. the rose is so special!
Sush said…
Oh, I'd love to take a walk with you to see all your beautiful colors! Thanks so much for sharing...we've got some pretties still blooming here but he weatherman said we might be in for our first frost in the next few days.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful photos. We have a few flowers still blooming, but it won't be long until the only colors will be of fall foliage and pansies!
Rose said…
These are all wonderful captures! Do you find that you notice more detail now that you are taking photographs to share the world...or maybe you noticed before but are zeroing in on what it is that draws you to the picture. I think blogging has helped me...not that I don't need more help...but it has helped me define what I like.
Stesha said…
i love the beautiful pictures your blog has to offer!!!

Classic & Bubbly
DeanO said…
Amazing color in these photographs!
lisa said…
Simply magic Ellie, and I LOVE those white berries!

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