Fruit versus Chocolate

What would you rather have?

Apples, peaches and grapes.

 A plate of sliced oranges


Anybody that knows me will tell you that I have a sweet tooth and that I LOVE chocolate. But sometimes I really love fruit. So why is is that when I am trying to lose some weight the only thing I want to eat is CHOCOLATE.
Why can I not just love fruit at that time!
I sometimes think my brain works against me lol. 
If you have any magical answers to my problem I'd be very grateful to hear them.


Jill said…
If you find an answer, please share it with me! ;)
Chocolate every time!!!

The fruit looks delicious, tastes delicious
but sometimes only chocolate can give you that "fix"

x Fiona
TexWisGirl said…
ha ha! i eat a lot of fruit over the summer. good luck keeping the chocolate cravings at bay!
Eileen said…
I'd choose the fruit. I do eat chocolate but it is a trigger for the migraines so I try to be careful most of the time.
Dianna said…
No magical answers; just weighing in with my vote for CHOCOLATE!
Mira said…
It's same with me, that's why I cannot do diets. If I tell myself I cannot eat something, I am going to crave that food all the time. So, I don't do diets. I generally eat healthy and try to balance my cravings. I don't feel bad if I have some chocolate or cake. I love real dark chocolate which is actually quite good for you. For me, white chocolates, Milka, Hershey, Snickers, etc. are just (very good!)chocolate flavored candies. :))
deb duty said…
Looks so yummy ! I love all the colors in the first one!
lisa said…
I'm going for the chocolate!!!
These are wonderful photographs!
Rose said…
If you find the answer to that one, you could be a millionaire!
Annabella said…
The answer (she says in quite a chubby state) is not to deny yourself anything. So if you fancy a piece of chocolate, have it. Just don`t eat the whole bar. I love chocolate and I love fruit! Now where`s that chocolate??
Debbie said…
hahaha....i got nothing!! i always eat desert, always!! when i think about skipping it, i think about all the woman on the titanic who didn't have desert that night!! my vote is for chocolate....every. single. time.
Sheila said…
Chocolate wins every time with me, just love it and of those fruits the apple would be my pick!
Anonymous said…
I would take the fruit over chocolate...

I think.


(Probably not!)
I gave up sweets for a two months this year. I wanted to see if I could stick to eating really healthy. The trick for me was getting it in my head that I was going to eat healthy and I didn't have a problem staying away the sweets. But once I started eating the sweets again it is hard to not eat them.
Flora said…
Hmm Fruit dipped in chocolate!
geetlee said…
chocolate for me tooooooooooo! What works for me is to reward myself with some chocolate if i stay on a fruit only spree for a week. give me incentive :)
Anonymous said…
This is Orchid, Dear Ellie.
Oh, I do have sweet tooth as well and I understand your feeling very well(*^_^*)
I love all the fruits (haha, summer is over but water melonthe best) and cakes with whip cream♡♡♡ Only writing this gives me craving p;)
PS> My bro's service went smoothly yesterday and feeling relieved, load off my mind now.
Love and lots of Hugs to you, Orchid*
Karen said…
Well, I do love chocolate, but I would rather have a juicy ripe peach any day!
I would probably go for the apple, but have some dark chocolate on the side for your real sweet fix. If you deny yourself of stuff like this you will end up worse off in the end. Just don't overdo it!
Connie Smiley said…
No magical answers, but you sure made that fruit look appealing. Beautiful photos!

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