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Remember Me?

Ok it's been over a year since my last post. I know, shocking right?  Life sometimes is in the habit of getting in the way. It's not that I've totally ignored the blogging community 'cause I've dipped in every so often, read some blogs, thought about writing a blog lots of times but just not got round to it. So here I am trying my hand at it once again.

What finally got me really interested again is the fact that my youngest daughter Emma has started up her own blog and she's enjoying it so much that she has me feeling enthusiastic about it again. Yay good for you Emma! If you fancy a having a peek at her fresh outlook on life please take a look at Emma's blog merrymaid . She's is very proud of it, and rightly so. 😃.
So what have I been up to for the last year? Well when I think about it not a huge amount.

We have had a difficult year as my dad's not been too well and it's always very hard to see someone you love struggle. But we are getting t…

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