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Well here I am,  my first blog. It's quite exciting, starting a new blog, and at the same time feels a bit  strange and I'm not really  sure where I should start.
A bit of background first I think.  I am a happily married mother of three girls ages 21, 19 and 16, and I live on the west coast of Scotland. I work part time and I trundle through life at it's own pace.
I think I will treat this as a kind of a journal for me to keep and look back on.  I'm not sure how many other people would want to read my ramblings. Lol. Today is Sunday, I've dropped middle daughter at work (8 am) and nobody else is up yet.  It's nice to have the house to myself, it's quiet and I've got peace.  Oops, spoke to soon, I hear movement up the stairs - hubby I think. My oldest daughter is away in Chicago on holiday for 2 weeks.  She's gone by herself and is meeting an old school friend who is living there for a year.  So jealous - hope she has a great time.  Youngest is still…

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