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Happy 1st Birthday

Can you believe it - my blog is 1 year old. 
My first post was on the 29th May 2011 - silly me I got it wrong and thought it was on the 31st - so I have actually missed the date.  But better late than never, that's my motto :))
I never thought for one minute that I would keep this up as long as I have. I don't tend to stick at things for a long time.  But this blog of mine is now part of my life and I love it!!!
It has opened up a whole new world to me.  I get great pleasure in taking the  pictures and tapping on the keyboard (it's mostly rambling right enough but I do enjoy it)  
I have 'met' people from all over the world (and lovely people you are too).
So here is hoping that it continues for many more years. 
Thanks everyone for keeping me going!!! 

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Sassy Water

Emma found a recipe for 'sassy water'  on google. It is from the Daily Mail web page and is supposed to ease bloating in the stomach area (where else would you get bloating I ask myself). We thought we would try making some.
The ingredients you need are:
1 teaspoon of grated ginger Medium lemon thinly sliced Medium cucumber thinly sliced A few mint leaves - we didn't have any mint leaves so we used some dried mint instead (I hope that wasn't a mistake)

Here is a random question: When you look at pictures of lemon does it make your jaws pull in - it does me :))
Here is a picture from the top of the pitcher.  The wee black dots are not flies but dried mint leaves.
 I did think twice before putting this picture up!!
Anyway, you leave that all in the fridge overnight, drain it the next morning and then drink and hopefully enjoy, lol. I'll let you know how it tastes. 

PS. Well it is now the next day. We tried the water - I have to say it isn't too bad - the main flavour being…

Blueberry Bells

Our great weather continues - temperatures reaching 84.2 degrees fahrenheit!  Believe me when I say that is hot for here. I know some of you guys get a lot hotter than that - I don't know how you cope with that kind of heat!!   But I am LOVING our 84.2 :))
This is our blueberry plant - it is starting to flower.  Which means we will get some lovely blueberries this summer.  We have strawberry and blueberry plants, and now an apple tree.  I really wish we had a big enough garden to grow more but this will do me for now :))
I was lying flat on the ground to take this picture - I sure hope none of my neighbours could see me they would have been wondering what on earth I was doing!!!
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Fab Friday

What a busy (but good) day I had on Friday.  
First off I had to go to work and I don't finish until 6pm.  Then I had to get ready to go out for a night out. 
One of my work colleagues retired last week and we were having a wee night to celebrate with her.  We were to meet at her house at 7pm.
Before work I had dropped Emma off in town so that she could join her friends at the beach - great life that girl has got. I told her if she was ready to go home at around 5.30pm to call into my work and I would give her a lift home.
Well, she duly turned up at 5.30 armed with a lovely bunch of flowers for me - isn't she the best :))   A lovely bunch of gladioli and they were yellow - my favourite colour.
I took some close up shots - well your knew I would didn't you :)).

I made it to my night out in time and had a great time.   We enjoyed a Chinese meal and had lots of laughs and a good time was had by all.
A great way to finish the day.
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An Update and some Flowers

We are having such a great spell in our weather at the moment.  My only complaint is - I have to go to work - it would be so much nicer to be off and sitting in the garden.   But, I suppose I can't have it all.
Everybody seems so much more cheerier and smiley as well, which is lovely.  
Well, that's my Emma finished all of her exams - just waiting for results to come in - they should be the beginning of August. She is also finished at school so she has a lovely long summer ahead of her - she does have a wee job but she does get quite a few days off. She also has her prom coming up on the 18 June.
Karen has just found out today that she has a conditional offer to go to university for a digital art course. She just have to pass the course she is doing at the moment and she will be in.   Phew I will have 2 of my children at university this year!!
And Laura, my oldest, is off  on holiday on Saturday. She is going to Vegas - lucky thing.  She is very excited about it all - can't say …

My Mirror

A couple of posts ago I mentioned that I love elephants.   Well, I wanted to show you my elephant mirror. 
My mum and dad bought it for my Christmas when I was about 18 (that sure was a fair few years ago!!).
We had taken it down a while ago when we were decorating but on Sunday Danny put it back up for me.   
I love it!!!!

I couldn't resist popping in to say hello -  so 
Hello Everybody :))

A Perfectly Lovely Afternoon

It's just as well I decided to put yesterday's post up early because the internet went down sometime yesterday afternoon.   I tried to get on last night to catch up with a few blogs when I couldn't get on.   This doesn't happen very often but when it does it's just a wee bit annoying.
Anyway it came back on at around lunchtime today. So here I am - trouble is I'm off to work in an hour.
Because yesterday was such a lovely day I didn't want to waste it by being indoors so I decided to walk round to my mum and dad's - about a 20 minute walk each way. 
So,  I got to enjoy the lovely weather, get some exercise (and a couple of pictures) and see my mum and dad a definite win win situation. :))
I only managed to get  a couple of pictures worth posting. 
I love these dandelion shots and couldn't make my mind which I preferred - so I posted them both :)

These next two have a strange colour cast to them - I tried to fix it but they still look a bit strange, in fact …

Beautiful Bloom

I'm up bright and early this morning.  It's a beautiful day.   According to weather reports the weather is going to start improving this week - all I can say to that is YIPEEEEE it's about time.  I just love bright sunny warm days - who doesn't!!!
The trouble with living in this part of Scotland is that you can never plan anything because you just don't know what the weather is going to do.  But today I'm going to spend some time outside enjoying the sun. So all this to say I'm putting my post in early.
I found a new blog to share pictures with and thought I would add this to it today.

I saved this picture from my walk yesterday because I thought the flower was sooooo pretty and I just love the yellow and orange.
The blog belongs to Nancy  and is called

Now I'm off to read some blogs and then I'm out of here to go and enjoy our lovely day. Hope your day is just as good.

Adventure Into Nature

I was struggling to come up with a title for this blog so I asked Emma.  She came up with  'Adventure into Nature' - not bad eh!!! 
Today Dan and I went out carpet buying.   Yes, we have eventually ventured out and bought our new hall carpet.  I have for a long time hankered after a red carpet and today we got it and I feel quite excited about it :)) Our hall has been decorated and this is about the last thing to do to finish it off. 
So hopefully in a couple of weeks I'll have a hall to be proud of.  
Then this afternoon I decided to go for a nice long walk - all by myself.  I was out for around 1 1/2 hours and really enjoyed it. The sky was blue, it was lovely and warm in the sun and the birds were singing their wee hearts out :))
I of course took my camera with me - you know I don't think I could go for a walk without my camera, I'd be scared I missed a prime photograph :))
Here are some pictures of what I saw on my walk.

This is the path I walked along.

The gorse bushes…

Dream Catcher

This is the dreamcatcher that Karen bought at the market the other day.  As soon as she saw it she just had to have it. She let me do my thing and take pictures of it.

 I really liked the feathers on it.  You get so many textures and colours in them.

I don't know much about dreamcatchers so I decided to google it to see what I could find out.
One of the nicest things I found out was that they were made in ancient time by the Ojibwa people.  The grandparents made them out of twigs, sinews and feathers for newborn children and hung over their cradles so that they could have peaceful and beautiful dreams.  Bad dreams cannot find their way through the web and are trapped there until the sun comes up and evaporates them like morning dew.  Isn't that just a lovely description.
There is no wonder they are so popular. I might just have to buy one for myself - mind you I don't know how happy Danny would be with it hanging in the room!!!
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Roses For A Good Week

Well, I've survived my first week of dieting and exercise. It's going well so far and I'm quite pleased with how I am getting on. 
I should maybe explain how I am doing this!!!   I found that one of the magazine which I like to read (Woman and Home) have a diet website.   So I signed up - it's really easy.  You just note down on the computer what you have eaten over the day and it tracks all the calories you have consumed. It also tracks any exercise that you do and how much water and fruit you consume in a day.  So you have a running total throughout the day to tell you how you are doing.   I have to say I'm finding it pretty easy - it's early days yet though.  But I have high hopes. :)) So, because I feel I am doing quite well  I decided to treat myself to a bunch of flowers - it was really a spur of the moment purchase.   I spotted these lovely roses for £3.00 in the local supermarket.   So I thought to myself - that'll do for me!!!
They are so pretty with their fr…

Global Market Day

Yesterday Karen and I visited a nearby town as they were having a Global Market Day.  It is held once a year and the girls at my work had told me about it and said how good it was.  So I decided I wanted I see for myself and Karen fancied it too.
The Global Market is a group of stall holders from around the world selling their goods.  Anything from sweets and cakes right through to clothes and garden furniture.
I did take a couple of pictures however they aren't very good but I'll put them up anyway.   The weather was really rotten, heavy rain and gusty wind yuk.  I felt quite sorry for the stall holders it must have been very miserable for them.
Anyway here are the pictures.
The stalls weren't really set up for photographing.

This is the only half decent picture I could get - they were selling French scarves here, and very lovely they were too.

I did purchase a couple of items.   This beautiful bowl made out of soapstone. Isn't it lovely!!! Do you know that the elephants is my …

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