Rain Rain Go Away

 Ask me if it has been raining here today!!  Well let me tell you - yes it has been and then some.  My goodness it has  POURED  with rain today.  In fact it has rained most days this week. Laura and I have just come in from shopping - and let me tell you the girl can shop ;)  my feet were well tired and that was just walking around the shopping centre.  We got soaked running from the car into the shopping centre and back again. On the journey there it was raining so hard the windscreen wipers could hardly keep up.  I was beginning to wish I had stayed at home lol. 

Anyway we are home now and in for the night. So telly is on and we are watching 'Friends' which is always good.  After dinner I am going to grab a glass of wine and relax and listen to the pouring rain from inside my nice warm house. 

I don't know if you are interested in an update on our bathroom - you aren't!! Well I'm going to tell you anyway :) We now have a working toilet, bath and basin. Some of the tiling is done, most of the plumbing is complete - phew - if you knew about all our leaks you would know what I am talking about.  When we are a wee bit further along I will post some pictures for you all to see.  I'll bet you can't wait  haa haa.


Annabella said…
Ellie? Is it raining where you are?? Sounds lovely your rain - it`s hot and sunny here and I would love some of your rain and so would the farmers but we are never satisfied are we? Congrats on the bathroom!
deb duty said…
Lovely rainbow! I'm with you I like to stay home when it rains.
Rose said…
Beautiful...and I just don't care much for shopping....except Christmas. It totally wears me out.
TexWisGirl said…
i don't like being out and about in the rain, but coming home and being inside with a warm drink and family afterwards sounds heavenly. :)

glad your bathroom is almost there!!!
We have had a totally wet and miserable day here today but I decided to curl up on the sofa, watch a movie and drink tea, so all in all a nice day!

Hope that October will be better weatherwise for both of us Ellie and just to let you know that you have 83 days of shopping left until Christmas!!!

x Fiona
Jill said…
Sounds like you are creating a most wonderful evening for yourself. You've certainly earned it.

Yeah on the bathroom progress!
Leontien said…
good that you are making progress on the bathroom! And yes it rained here too for 4 days straight. Today it just has been very windy... Hope things dry out soon cause we need to start bring feed in for our girls!

Anonymous said…
thats a great shot of a rainbow! I can't wait to see pics of the bathroom!
Debbie said…
it's good luck to see a rainbow!! i love a good storm and the sound of rain on the window pane!!
Dianna said…
Isn't it wonderful to be cozy inside on a rainy night?!
Lovely rainbow picture!
I know we've all this rain up here in Scotland and down in England the beaches are packed though did you see those newpaper pics? - you could get lost on those beaches as everyone is packed in like sardines............ give me a lonely silver sand beach on the west coast anyday.
Buttons said…
I read this listening to the rain pelt against my window. I know we live thousands and thousands of miles away from each other but I can envision myself sitting near this beautiful building in your photo. B
Anonymous said…
Dear Ellie, this is Orchid.
Oh, I can guess how it was in and out under the rain. At least, I hope you and Laura (must be one of your daughters) could have a good shopping. Haha, I loved the way you calloed TV "telly"
You had trouble in your bathroom, must be a big relief to get it fixed♬♬♬
PS> Thank you SO much for your sweet words in my post today!!! It meant a lot to me, my friend.
Blessing to all of your family, Orchid*
geetlee said…
nothing like a beautiful rainbow after all that rain!
and nothing like a sparkling new bathroom after all that hard work!
Can't wait to see pics :)

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