Lovely Blog Award!

I have been very kindly awarded the  “One Lovely Blog Award” award by Dianna  at
How nice is that!!!  I'm extremely flattered. 

Dianna has a lovely blog that you really SHOULD go and visit.  She posts most days about everyday life and takes the most beautiful pictures - especially her sunsets and sunrises (which I really love) and she has the cutest wee cat called Sundae. So you should go over and visit her and tell her I said hi.

Now the rules to this award are that you have to tell 7 new things about yourself  and the second is to pass on to 15 other bloggers.

Seven things about myself - I'm scratching my head trying to think. This could be a bit boring - sorry!

1.  I feel younger the older I get - is that strange?

 2.  I have 2 younger sisters.

 3.  I love blues music. I just have to tap my feet - can't help myself.

 4.  I will have been married for 23 years at the end of the month - can you believe that, where did the time go!!

 5. I seem to use exclamation marks way to much - own up who else thinks that lol.

6. I really, really love blogging. So glad I started it after a long time thinking about it.

 7. Struggling now lol  - I know. I think laughter is the BEST medicine.

There you have it - told you it might be a bit boring.

 Right, on to the next bit - passing on to 15 other bloggers. I'm going to break this rule I'm afraid. I just can't pick 15 because all bloggers are wonderful.  Hope you don't mind this too much.

Thanks so much again Dianne - really appreciate this.


Giga said…
Gratuluję, jest miło być wyróżnionym Pozdrawiam
Anne said…
Hi Ellie congrats on your award! I hope you have a lovely weekend:)
Well done Ellie.

Hope your weather is better than ours, rain, rain and more rain :(

Have a good weekend.

x Fiona
Eileen said…
Congratulations, a well deserved award.

Hope you're well and have a lovely weekend.

Eileen x
Jill said…
Congratulations, Elle!!!! Well deserved!!! (I like exclamation points too...hehe)
Debbie said…
nice ellie....very well deserved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i never post without them!!!!!!!!!!!
deb duty said…
Congrats! And I enjoyed reading about you!
Congrats Ellie - I had to laugh about the exclamation marks - with me it's dots aswell.
Congratulations on your award! I overuse ! ... and - ;o)
Kimberly said…
Congrats! I also use too many exclamation points! (and smiley faces) :)
TexWisGirl said…
congrats, dear ellie! :) you were stretching for those 7 things!
Congratulations on your award - and I loved learning 7 new things about you!
Kala said…
Good to know more about you!

And I agree with you about #6.
Anonymous said…
Congrats on the award - well deserved!
Paul said…
I also really like blogging though seems to take up a lot of my time! I suppose I'll get quicker!
Congratulations on the award. You have a great blog and I love to view the photos that you post.
Tracy Wood said…
Just stumbled upon your lovely blog and decided to follow! Congrats on the "Lovely Blog" award.
orchid said…
Hello, Dearest Ellie.
Congratulations on your award♡♡♡
Your lovely photos truly deserve it.
Oh, wonderful to know something about you. I've been married almost for 34 years. Sure time flies!!! And I think marks are wonderful, so plese free to use them. Haha, I'm using too much mself.
Hugs to you, xoxo Orchid*
Jeanne said…
Congratulations on your lovely blog award! Isn't that fun.??? Now your comments are working.... Jeanne
Rose said…
I sure agree with you about laughter being the best medicine....and I use those ....'s way to much!
Congrats! Your blog is very lovely and peaceful:-). Don't worry, I use exclamation points too much, too. I think it's because bloggers have so much enthusiasm!

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