Shrubs on Saturday

After lunch today Karen said "Mum do you want to go to the Garden Centre with me".  What could I say but "Ok, but I'm not buying anything".  That girl is a bad influence on me - yeah really she is! Ha, guess what I did!  Yup you guessed it I bought stuff. Who can resist all the lovely shrubs and flowers on display. And as you probably all know by now I am NO gardener.
Anyway these are the two plants I bought (just because I thought they were pretty).

Hypericum  'Magical Gold'

 A close up shot of one of the flowers - isn't she pretty.

Skimmia Rubella

A close up of the buds on this one.

They are all nicely tucked up (planted) in the garden. Now as I said before I am no gardener - so I thought it was a good idea to take a picture of the flower and also of the name of it so that IF it doesn't survive with my tender loving care I will at least know what it was called and have a reminder of what it was like. 
Well, I thought it was a good idea!!!


Tezzie said…
Ooooh! Lovely plants...and such pretty captures of them! I'm so jealous of it still being planting season where you are ;)
Paul said…
They are pretty flowers. My wife is the gardiner in our house. Cutting and weeding the lawn is my contribution!
They're lovely...and I love that expression, "tucked up."
Jill said…
They are beautiful! I wish you much success with them. :)
leavesnbloom said…
You'll have no problem with either of them. I love hypericum flowers aswell.
Pat MacKenzie said…
Lovely plants - I especially like the yellow one - such interesting looking blossoms. I'm not a gardener either but I thought spring was the time to put plants in the garden???
TexWisGirl said…
you're too funny! admitting defeat before you even give it a chance! :) i hope they flourish!
Rose said…
Those are pretty! Hope they grow for you!
Kerri said…
These are super!
I love the plants you bought. The photos are beautiful that you took of the lovely plants.
I've never seen the Hypericum in bloom - only as buds in flower arrangements. Absolutely stunning :) I wish I had one in my garden :) XOL
Anonymous said…
My Dear Ellie,
Wow lovely flower pots you bought!!!
And Especially close-up shot is stunning and marvelous, my friend♡♡♡
Haha, I always wonder how you learned the skill of photography!!!
Love you always from Japan, Orchid*
Sush said…
I've never been able to leave a nursery without something in hand! Those plants look really pretty! Let us know if they survive!
busybusybeejay said…
Hi.Just discovered your blog!I love the plants especially the skimmia.We lost two skimmias last winter in the heavy frost.Fancy you being a Seasick Steve fan.My husband is and went to see him with our son at the Cambridge Folk Festival last year.
deb duty said…
Looks like a fun place to have your camera! My mil has one of those pink flowers. It's so pretty.
Anonymous said…
What an unusual flower... pretty too!

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