Calm and Peaceful Water

I do hope you're not all fed-up with my River Ayr walk pictures. Because I'm posting another one. 
I took a few different views of this shot and I couldn't pick which one I liked - so I asked Emma and she said this one.

I think it shows what a lovely day we had that day. 
However, I think it was the calm before the storm because we have had 2 solid days of rain (heavy), hailstorms and wind. In fact we had flooding in town - which made the news on the telly. The fire brigade and police had to close streets as it was so deep in places.  It is amazing though because today all the water is gone. You would never know there had been a problem.
Isn't is strange that some places are suffering lack of rainfall and here we are waterlogged. 

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Julie G. said…
Lovely photograph, Ellie! The lighting is exquisite. We have been dealing with heavy rains and extreme winds here in the midwest of the United States. Flooding problems too. Can't wait for sunshine tomorrow. Thanks for brightening my day with your beautiful image!
Rose said…
I wish you you share your rain with some of the ones that need it. We have had quite a bit the past day or so so we are catching up. We were dry for a month, but that is not near as bad as some.

Oh, I do like that view...
Karen said…
Oh, yes, this one is excellent. I love the branch overhang with subtle reflections and shadows in the water.
Jill said…
Such a pretty picture, Elle! So peaceful and cheery all at once.

I'm glad the water has receded!
Love the peak of the water under the autumn leaves.
Ellie - I never get tired of your pictures. I am such a dunce that I cannot post any photos yet.

Incidentally, how do you pronounce the Ayr (air ?) River?

Beautiful photo!
blessings to you - Marsha
Flora said…
I love seeing your pictures...across the ocean!!
TexWisGirl said…
i wish mother nature would just even things out a bit! :)
Tamar SB said…
What a stunning shot! Love the depth and the colors you captured!
deb duty said…
This is lovely! Really pretty light. We are in the no rain category.
our weather has gone all wonky, too... it was almost 90 last Sunday, but this week has been in the lower 40s at night & suppose to dip down to the mid 30s tonight... strange weather

happy week =)
Keep posting them, Ellie - I enjoy seeing them! :)

That looks like a good thinking place, very beautiful.
missing moments said…
Lovely photo ... and we've had rain for 2 days as well .. ready for some sunshine!
Annabella said…
Don`t get washed away Ellie!
lisa said…
Could never be fed-up with any of your wonderful photographs Ellie, and this is surely no exception!
What a gorgeous composition.
Have a fantastic weekend!
Paul said…
I admire your photography. Another lovely photo. Everyone's got different gifts. Music comeas easy to me but not so photography!
Dianna said…
Beautiful photo! Glad all your bad weather is over.
Debbie said…
so pretty ellie!! mother nature has been a tad cranky this year. it was gorgeous here today and i caught a beautiful sunset!!
Try and stay dry! Another lovely photo!
orchid said…
Hello, my Dearest Ellie!!!
SO sorry for my absence to yur lovely blog, my friend.
Oh, you surprised me saying hailstorm already. And yes weather is not really fair, isn't it?
I've been enjoying your pictures, even though not leaving comment. Your pictures of River Ayr walk are fabulous.
See you arround and big hugs to you, Orchid*
geetlee said…
love the light!
hope you have some sunshine today :)
Sush said… the picture. The shadow of the branches on the water look so mysterious! It's like the tree is telling me goodbye for the fall!
AJ said…
What a beautiful photo...glad the rain is over...
Mats said…
Great capture, well done!
BlueShell said…
hello, here I am...

Nice chice, really!
A beautifull photo.

Shame...the rainstorm.
And you are right: here in Portugal we have sun and wind, but no rain at all: autunm...and no rain! They say that tomorrow is oing to rain a lot...and that we are going to have some snow in Serra Da Estrela, a few KM the place I live. Well...I do't Know...Today is hot...I don't think rain will come soon...

See you...

Big Hug
Giga said…
Natura robi swoje i nie zawsze to co czyni jest sprawiedliwe.U nas też takie podtopienia się zdarzają. Zdjęcie bardzo ładne.Pozdrawiam
Lovely photo Ellie.

Fiona x
I like the composition a lot, the sun shining on the leaves and giving reflection in the water

thanks for your comment

Christina, Sweden

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