A Walk Through The Woods

This morning I took a walk through our woods. It's a bright dry morning - always a bonus. It was lovely and quiet the only noises I could hear were the birds chirping and the slight breeze blowing the leaves. Lovely and peaceful. The ground was very muddy due to all the rain we have been having so once again I got mucky feet - a small price to pay for my nice walk.

I took many pictures - I'll just put up a few. I always find it difficult picking the right ones to put up but here you go.

Look blue sky!

Reflections in the little stream.

 I think the brambles are getting past their best now.

I love the sun shining through the leaves.

Look who I saw Mr Robin Redbreast - he was very high  up - I wish I could have gotten closer.

I've got today off work because tonight I am meeting Dan from work and we are going to Glasgow to see 'Seasick Steve'. He is a blues singer and guitarist originally from California. We first heard of him a couple of years ago on the telly. This is the first time we will have seen him live. I can't wait I think it will be a good night.  
 I'll let you know.


Kerri said…
I think we are on the same wavelength! Beautiful pictures.... I especially LOVE the light coming thru the leaves :)
Debbie said…
pretty blue skys....i know you are excited about that. have fun tonight!!
Jill said…
So nice to see your shining sun! Have a wonderful time tonight. Look forward to hearing all about it. :)
deb duty said…
Looks like a lovely walk! Lots of great captures, but my favorite is the bird.
Rose said…
It pays to take walks in the mud! Really love that first image.
TexWisGirl said…
lovely that you got to enjoy some sun and blue sky! :)
Karen said…
A great series of shots from your walk. I was in the woods on the weekend as well. Enjoy your concert!
Eileen said…
I really like the one of the leaf against the sky.

Enjoy your concert.
missing moments said…
Enjoyed the walk with you. Have a great time at your concert tonight.
Flora said…
Thanks for the walk! Beautiful!!! Have a great evening!!
Paul said…
Love your photos. Hope you enjoy the show. I'm a new blogger and enjoying expressing my thoughts and experiences. I'm also loving meeting new people.
Anonymous said…
Glad you got to enjoy a nice (dry & sunny) walk.

I like the little stream, looks like a peaceful place.
I love taking walks outside. You took some beautiful photos. I hope you have a great night tonight!!
geetlee said…
sounds like you had a great walk. love the pic of the berries.
I hope you had a great evening, can't wait to hear about it!

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