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Raindrops are Falling on my Head

Well, I have to report that Danny is still working on the car - he was hoping to get it finished today but  I have a sneaking suspicion that he isn't going to manage it.  Tonight he is off to his woodwork evening class, so I think it will hopefully be tomorrow before it is finished - fingers crossed.   So maybe we will manage get away on friday - weather permitting!!
Today it has been quite a miserable day. Wind, rain and bloomin' cold - you get the picture!!
Anyway I decided I wanted to go out and take some pictures - I know I'm a fool!!!
So off I went and I did snap a few but by the time I got home I was drookit (a good Scots word meaning absolutely soaked) and freezing - in fact I could hardly feel my fingers. 
 I think winter is finally arriving in our part of the world. As it was raining there were lots of raindrops hanging onto the branches of thetrees and I love to take pictures of them.  
This one is not quite sharp enough but I loved the reflection in it.  It was quite am…

Arran On A Clear Day

Thank you all so much for your anniversary wishes. We went out for dinner last night and had a lovely meal at our favourite place in town to eat.  Now we are heading into our 25th year - yikes :)) I'm hoping that for our big one next year we are going to go on a bit of a special holiday - but we will have to wait and see. 

Yesterday was such a lovely clear day and we couldn't believe just how clear it was over in Arran - I don't think I have ever seen it is so much detail. So I had to grab my camera and take a picture. 
I haven't done very much of interest today - just some housework, you know ironing (yuk - I hate ironing) and the like. But at least it is done now :))
Sending good thoughts and wishes to all who have been affected by hurricane Sandi.   It looked very frightening on the news so I can only imagine how scary it was for you all.

Soft and Snuggly

I'm back - I'm not sure where the weekend went the time seemed to go by very quickly.  I guess I must have been quite busy or something!!!
A brief recap of my weekend would be something like this. Saturday - Laura arrived just after lunch time. She is very well being nearly 16 weeks pregnant and looking wonderful :) She was being picked up by a chauffer at about 6pm to be taken away to the airport to fly to India.  I'm so jealous of her travelling all the way there - mind you it is just for work and she will be working every day she is away (10 days). So I don't think she will see much of the countryside. She is due back a week on wednesday and coming back here before driving back home the next day.  We have had a text from her telling us she got there safely and is in a very nice hotel. 
On Sunday Danny and I drove to Glasgow - he had to drop something off at work and I went along for something to do.  
Now today, being on holiday, I had to think how best to use it.  Well …

Friday's Ramblings

It's Friday - yahooo!!!.  
It's doubly good because I've got a weeks holiday next week.  It will be so good to have some time to myself :)) We were hoping to get away for a couple of days to Loch Ness but the car isn't fixed yet - we haven't given up all  hope of getting away we will just have to wait and see.   I kind of hope that we do get away though 'cause I was quite looking forward to it. However if we don't I'm sure I can find something else to occupy my time, I'll certainly not be bored :))
Laura is coming for a visit tomorrow, it will be so nice to see her. The only trouble is she is flying to India tomorrow evening, it is work related and not for pleasure which is a pity, she will be away to 10 days. Now you just know that just gives me something else to worry about!!   Did you know that I was a born worrier? Danny says I'm not happy unless I've got something to worry about but I don't think I am any different to any other mother ou…

October Leaves

Aren't the leaves really beautiful just now? All of the different shades, colours, textures and shapes.
These were just a few I found lying around our back garden.

I'm really itching to go out and buy some wool to knit some baby things but I need to find the time to go and buy some.   There is nowhere in our wee town that sells it so I think it will have to wait until the weekend. 
The weatherman said it was going to start turning quite cold here over the next few days.  Brrrr - I don't know that I'm really ready for cold weather yet.  The benefit though is that it is going to be nice and bright at the same time. 
I do like nice bright days :))
I hope it's nice where you are!!!

A Tiring but Good Day

Phew, what a day I have had!!!
My sister Sheena (hi sis!!) got me a ticket for 'The Good Food Show' for my birthday.  The Good Food Show is an exhibition of all things food (surprisingly).  It has tasting sessions, cookery shows, food stalls - you get the picture.
So Sheena and I left at 9.45am and caught the train to Glasgow and made our way to the Scottish Exhibition Centre.  It was amazing how busy it was by 11am.  In fact the cloakroom lady said they were expecting it to be the busiest day today - I don't think she was wrong!!
We started by wandering around the stalls and made a few purchases. By about 12.30 we decided we wanted to get some fresh air and wandered outside - it was such a lovely day. Do you know I was sitting in a sleevless t-shirt in the sun and it was so warm - my goodness it's almost November - I'm not complaining though :))
We  had tickets to go and see 'The Hairy Bikers' doing a live show at 2.30pm. So we wandered along to get our seats fo…

A Double Rainbow

This morning as I was driving Karen to the train station so that she could catch the train to university we saw an amazing sight.
It was absolutely tipping it down with rain and the sky was really grey but we saw an amazing rainbow - the full arc,  in fact it had a double arc.  It was so bright and colourful - truly amazing.  Within a minute though it started to fade and it just sort of disappeared.  I have to tell you though it felt kind of special to have seen it - even if it was only for a fleeting moment (that was another of those lock away images to store in my brain).
Anyway today is friday and as usual I need to try and find a green picture so that I can join in on   Fiona & Raindrops and Daisys linkup Green Day
I love to walk through tree lined walkways and I always try to take a picture of it. So here you go, this is my offering for this week.
To see more lovely green picture and to take part click here
Have a great weekend everyone :))

Leaves for Leontien

A lovely link up has been set in place  Leaves for Leontien  over at Nancy's A Rural Journal.
Leontien has cancer and could be using some extra love and support at the moment.
If you feel like showing some support please go and visit Nancy's blog and post a picture.

Some Wonderful News!!!

Not a great picture today I'm afraid but I don't like to put a post up without a picture and I just had to post today because I was given the most wonderful news on Saturday and I just have to share it all with you.
Are you ready for this:
I AM GOING TO BE A GRANNY!!!   Sorry for shouting but I am just so excited :)))
Our Laura (and Kevin) is pregnant - she is due her wee bundle of joy in April.  There really is not a lot nicer than a new baby in the family don't you think? 
I will have to get my knitting needles out and look for some lovely soft wool - I haven't knitted for years. I hope I haven't forgotten how to do it :))
Anyway I will have to try and come off my cloud and be patient until April, lol.

Eve's Pudding

Oh well it's Sunday evening once again. That was a quick weekend!!
Laura and Kevin came for a visit on Saturday afternoon and stayed for their dinner.  It was lovely to catch up with them and they seem very happy and content with their lives at the moment which is really nice. I was quite sad to see them go back home again though!
Poor Karen is absolutely loaded with a cold and is feeling a tad miserable.  Hopefully she will be feeling a bit better tomorrow.  I got up really earlythis morning (5.30am, ouch) to take her to work - she starts at 6am. The benefit of getting up so early is that you get quite a lot done and out of the way.  I even managed to get my ironing all done by 9am - I was quite impressed with myself let me tell you :))
Anyway for dinner tonight I decided to make something different for dessert. I had my apples from my own little apple tree so I decided to make Eve's Pudding (I was going to make that joke about it  being my pudding and not Eve's - ooops I did it …

Green Friday

I didn't take part in Fiona's  Green Days  last week because I didn't have any green pictures.   So I thought I would remedy that this week.   I went for a walk to try and capture some lovely autumn colours only to find there wasn't very much around yet, but there still was quite a lot of greenery around.  So here are my offerings - to see some more lovely 'green' shots click on the above link.

Laura is coming home for a visit tomorrow - we haven't seen her for about 3 weeks so it will be really nice to catch up.  They have been away on holiday in the sun for a week so she will probably be a nice shade of healthy looking too. She did say she really enjoyed the chill out factor of her holiday - that has got to be good :)) although I am feeling a wee bit envious!!!
I hope you all have an enjoyable weekend to look forward to :))

A Beautiful Evening

Last night I had an appointment for the dreaded mammogram I started and finished work early to that I could get there in time.  It was a mad rush I can tell you - I hate to be late for anything!!!   Changed days, I can remember when the girls were babies I never seemed to manage to get anywhere on time!!!  Anyway the test was all done and dusted and I was driving home.  It was an absolutely beautiful evening. Blue sky and a huge big orange sun sitting low in the sky (which made driving a wee bitty difficult I can tell you). I was really enjoying my drive going by all of the fields with their hay bales all rolled up and the trees with their lovely colours starting to emerge, thinking this is just lovely.  I turned a corner  and the sun was blasting it's lovely glow over the road which was a stunning orangy red colour - it was such a beautiful sight with trees at either side of the road. I don't think I have ever seen anything quite like that before. But you know that really sad par…


I went for a walk on Sunday (in between making my slow cooker meal and marmalade - I told you I was busy, lol).  I was hoping to see lots of lovely autumnal colours and the like but I have to say I was a tad disappointed.   We don't have much of it here yet - Danny thinks I have a couple of weeks before it really starts happening.  Ocht well I suppose it means I will just have to go out every weekend and have a nice walk until it happens.  Life is tough :))
Anyway I saw this beautiful big tree which had some gorgeous leaves so I posted it to keep me going until I see some more.
The other reason for my post today is to say!!!!!
It worked - my marmalde worked yippeeeeee!!!!
I had it on some home made bread (I know I'm showing off now) for my breakfast and it is s yummy - I really love it.   I'm not sure why I am surprised that it tasted so good because I love marmalade.  I wish I could butter a piece of toast and spread some on it for you all but when I have it tomorrow I will be thin…

My Sunday

What have I been doing today?
Well first of all - I have got this up and running.  Yup, that is my slow cooker.   I made a beef casserole - I just used my usual method of making this as if I was doing it in a pan and just put it in the slow cooker. It cooked for 7 hours and the beef was extremely tender - the meat just fell apart!!!   The only thing I did notice was that the flavours weren't quite at intense as they are when I make it in a pan.  I think the reason for that is because the stock and water doesn't evaporate and reduce like it does in a pan.  So next time I will just have to put less water in and add more flavours.
By the way many thanks to everyone who suggested places to find recipes - I had a good browse through google and pinterest and found a whole load of stuff. :))

And then I also did this!!!

I made marmalade - it is all bottled and just waiting to be tried.   I will be the guinea pig and do that tomorrow. Fingers crossed that it has been successful this time - I wi…

Modern Machines

Do you like my little purple flower - I'm not sure what it is. I did think it might be a thistle but I'm not so sure.  It is nice to see a lovely bit of colour in amongst the green.
It's Saturday evening and I've had my dinner and hand washed  the dishes.  What, I hear you say - why are you hand washing dishes in this day of dishwashers?  Well, let me tell you - we woke p to find our dishwasher has packed in.   Argh - that means hand washing dishes - it has been soooooo long since I have had to do that. I have done the odd dish but not a whole meal's worth.   Oh well I've still got 2 daughters living at home - I'm sure that is a duty that can be shared around until it gets fixed or we get a new one :))
It just goes to show how spoiled I have become in this day of gadgets and time saving machines.
I can remember when I was a wee girl my mum used to have a set day for doing her laundry.  It took all day standing beside a twin tub and do it all manually. Phew, can you…

Autumn Colours

 I realised that I haven't put a post up since Monday. How remiss of me!!!   I will need to get better at this. You know one of my resolutions at New Year was that I was going to post regularly, I think I even put that down in a post  - the trouble with that (which I didn't think about at the time) is that life  is just down right boring sometimes.  I just don''t have any interesting news to share.
However later on this month I have a fair amount happening. First there is a joint 21st and 60th birthday party - it's a father -daughter doo, I also have a couple of training days for work.  Best of all we are having a week's holiday at the end of the month to coincide with out 24th wedding anniversary.  We are hoping to go to Loch Ness :)) - if the car is fixed :( Keep your fingers crossed for me :)) 

I was also wondering what pictures to put up today.  So I took a wee wander around the garden and picked up some leaves that were lying around, I also have about 8 apples fro…

Another Pretty Wee Flower

I haven't taken part in Lisa's link up  Macro Monday  for absolutely ages so I thought I had better remedy that :) So here is my addition - to go and see some great macro shots please press the link.
I just thought this was such a pretty wee flower  - as usual I have no idea what it is called, what I do know is I really liked it.
On a completely separate note.  You all know about  the disasters I have had with my jam making.  Well, there is this really great shop in Glasgow called Lakeland and it sells all sorts of things.  Well Karen decided she wanted to buy some baking items and I thought I would buy a book on Preserves (not that I really needed another book!!!) and a can of Seville oranges for making marmalade. 

The can of oranges only cost me £1.99 and it supposedly makes 6lbs of marmalade - I don't think I could buy many oranges for that amount!  
So I am going to try (again) at the weekend to make some marmalade and you just know  I will tell you all about it!!! :) The third…

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