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Sunset Times Two

It's 8.45pm and I have just come in after a very pleasant walk with Karen. We both have lovely rosy cheeks (well me more than Karen)!!  It was a beautiful night and the sunset was gorgeous. 
We did the same walk yesterday evening as well but it was quite chilly with a really biting wind blowing, but the sunset was lovely last night as well.
I took pictures on both walks and thought I would show you two completely different sunsets.  It is amazing how different they are.
What do you think?
The first three pictures are from last night.
Karen and I were both saying it looked as if the sky had been painted.

These next few pictures were from tonight.

All the pictures were taken at around the same time of night and at the same spot on the beach each night.
Sometimes I really love living in this part of the world!!!!

My Little Kalanchoe

Karen bought for me this little pot plant.  It is really pretty with beautiful little flowers.
Now I'm going to surprise everyone with my  little bit of knowledge I gathered about this plant
It is called Kalanchoe - the only reason I know this is because the label said that is what it is called :))  I googled it to see what I could come up with. Once you start to look for information it is amazing what comes up.
It is a succulent plant native to Madagascar.  According to Wikipedia it also has an ingredient in it which can cause cardiac poisoning particularly in grazing animals, this is a problem common in South Africa and Australia.
In traditional medicine it can be used to treat infections, rheumatism and inflammation.
Now on to my favourite part - taking pictures :))

Isn't it a pretty flower - so many petals to the flowers and they are quite tiny.
So I have to thank Karen very much for such an interesting and beautiful present. Isn't she a kind daughter?
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Odds and Ends of Pictures

I've been going through the rest of my Edinburgh pictures - I promise these are the last  I bet you are glad I only went for 2 days and not a week - can you imagine how many pictures I could have taken in a week - scary thought!!!!
 Anyway, this is just a random selection of pictures that I quite liked so thought I would post them.  There were so many little alleyways with interesting views inside them - here are a couple.
This lane went down to a pub - which we didn't visit.

I really like the lamp and the signpost in this one - oh and that is the postman.
 I just really liked this view - it was just asking for me to take the picture. Do you know what I mean?
This picture was from inside Edinburgh Castle - I liked all the shapes that I could see of all the buildings.

These are the Scottish Houses of Parliament  - known to be a bit of an eyesore. Not the most attractive of buildings. Pictures are a bit blurry as well - sorry!!!

And finally - I loved this corridor - it was in the Nation…

A Walk In The Sun

I had to take the car for it's yearly MOT check yesterday and I enjoyed a lovely walk home from town.  It was  a gorgeous day - in fact we have had great weather since last Friday. It is due to break on Thursday when it is forecast to rain, so we need to enjoy it while we can!!!!
I walked home via the golf course - it is quite a nice walk and thought I'd post some pictures to let you see.
There is a wee burn that runs through the golf course with lots of bridges across.

A couple of golfers and the Isle of Arran in the background.
Gorse bushes - looks lovely against the blue sky.

A gorse flower.
Isn't it great to see the sun and a blue sky - makes everybody seem that much more cheerier.
I hope it is nice wherever you are.

Do I Eat Them Or Take Their Photograph?

The other day while I was doing my usual grocery shopping, I spotted a big tub full of assorted nuts. I'm quite partial to a nut and I haven't bought any for many years. So I purchased a varied selection.  
One of the other reasons I bought them (apart from eating them of course) was to take pictures of them - you must be getting to know me by now. I am always on the lookout for something to photograph :))

Not only photogenic but healthy and tasty too - what more could I ask for!!!
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Museum Shots

Another place we visited in Edinburgh was the National Museum of Scotland. I have to say what a fascinating place.  You could easily spend a couple of days in there!!  Not only were there many amazing sights to see the building itself was beautiful.  I could have spent all day taking pictures of it.   Here are a few of them.
This is the outside - the museum had a facelift about a year ago and this is a new section to the building.

This is the inside - isn't it amazing. I think it is quite victorian looking. 
Lots and lots and lots of stairs.
We spent a few hours here before we had to get the train home and there was still an awful lot still to see. That's something else we will have to go back and see another time.

Sunny Days and Reflections

Last Sunday was a beautiful day - blue sky and the sun was shining. Wonderful!!!!
So Danny and I decided to take a walk into town and along the beachfront. It was very busy down there - I think everybody must have had the same idea as us.
Emma, works in a cafe/coffee shop and as she was working on Sunday we thought we would pop in to have a coffee.   Well, we would have but it was extremely busy and there were no free tables. So we moved on to the the next coffee shop (there are quite a few coffee shops in our town). We eventually found one which was busy but there was a seat outside so we took that.   I have to say I didn't realise just how windy it actually was until we sat down.  It's not easy drinking coffee and buttering a scone when the wind is blowing like that.  We persevered and managed though :))
Anyway while waiting for our coffee to arrive I noticed this silver ball - it was separating our seating area from the next. I saw that you could get a really good reflection in i…

Pretty Flowers

I got this beautiful bouquet of flowers from my lovely girls on Sunday.  I think they have come to know by now how much I like my  flowers - mind you I've probably dropped a few subtle hints over the years lol.
They look so soft and gentle - and you know me I've just got to take my pictures :)) 
I really like the pink collar around the top of the vase -  oh, and the vase came with the flowers.

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A Special Cake for Mother's Day

On Sunday just gone it was Mother's Day here.   Here is what Karen made for me.    Isn't it wonderful?   I think my girl has real talent.  She puts so much time and effort into each of her cakes. 
The bears each represent a member of our wee family - mum, dad and the three girls. She also made apples, bananas and crisps and we are all having a picnic.  Not only did it look absolutely lovely, it tasted wonderful too!!!
She made this cake while we were away at Edinburgh.   I got a text from her saying she had killed a chicken - and I couldn't understand what she was on about.   What had actually happened was when she cracked open an egg inside was a dead chicken.   It really upset her (which I could totally understand).  I have never had that happen to me - and I've bought a lot of eggs over the years. In fact I don't know of anybody else that has happened to either.  Is this anything anybody else has had experience of?
Anyway to end on a happier note - I had a great Mother…

Dried Flower

I bought a few tulips they other day and - I'm ashamed to say - forgot about them.
 By the time I remembered them they were just a wee bit dried up.  
I thought it made an unusual picture and is actually quite attractive to look at - wouldn't you agree? After I took the pictures I disposed of them - you will be pleased to hear :))
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Champagne Tea

After our donner (walk) around Edinburgh it was time to head back to the hotel for our champagne tea - how the other half live eh!!! 
We got back to our room - which was VERY nice indeed - and freshened up and got changed into more suitable clothes and headed down to the lounge.
It was very quiet which was lovely, only a couple of other people there.  A lovely girl served us our champagne - I don't normally like champagne but this was very nice, The trouble is I'm not a big drinker and we hadn't had much to eat all day - all I can say is thank goodness it was just one glass each.  Next came our tea - sandwiches, scones and cakes - yummy!!! There was also as much tea and coffee as we wanted.  It was very pleasant and a lovely wind down after our walk.
We tried several times to get a half decent picture of ourselves and I'm afraid this was the best we could manage. It's a bit blurry - but I'll blame the champagne lol.

 A couple of pictures of the lounge - those seats we…

I'm Ba-ack

Well, I'm back after our trip to Edinburgh and I have to say we had a GREAT time. 
We got home about tea-time on Friday night feeling pretty exhausted - we did an awful lot of walking - up and down hills, up and down stairs and steps phew!!!   I've discovered though how unfit I am.  I MUST do something about that!!!!
Anyway I took lots and lots of pictures - 278 to be exact - how many!!!!!!  I know, I don't know when to stop clicking :)))
I'm not sure how to blog about it - I thought I would do some of the castle in this post and take it from there. It may be a loooong post - hope you don't mind.
So without further ado - here we go!!! 
We decided to go by train, which meant getting a train first to Glasgow and then changing stations and going onto Edinburgh - roughly about 2 hours travelling time. We arrived at Edinburgh at about 11am and dropped our bags off at the hotel and booked in.  Then we wandered up the Royal Mile to the castle - mostly uphill.  
The entrance to the…

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