Incy Wincy Spider

Can you see incy wincy spider?  


When Dan was looking my picture he said to me "You weren't close enough to the spider" . Let me tell you, I think I was plenty close enough thank you very much. I'm not a great fan of spiders I'm afraid, not sure why 'cause what will they do to me? That wee one would never eat me (it really was very tiny) and I think he might have been sleeping! lol. 
I think it's the really fast ones and the big fat hairy ones that I really, REALLY don't like.  
Then again lets face it they are probably more scared of me!!!


Rose said…
Oh, this is too funny. You know the Itsy, Bitsy spider song...for the longest time and still Lorelei calls it the itchy, itchy spider...
I agree with you on spiders..its the big ones with the really long legs and big bodies that I don't like...and we seem to have lots of them here in he south.
Eileen said…
I think you're very brave to get as close as you did!
TexWisGirl said…
spidies only freak me out if i walk into their web unexpectedly. :)
Jill said…
Great picture but I don't like spiders! ha!
geetlee said…
oh, spiders creep me out! the big fat ones can make me run for miles!!!
nice shot with the water droplets!
I think you were quite close enough!!

Your photographs amaze me. Truly. I am humbled by your talent, and this one is just as amazing as each that has preceded it!
orchid said…
Dearest Ellie,
Haha, tiny one like me.
Our spiders are not poisonous and we constantly see then. I hate them as well, but I squash them when I find them p;)
Much Love, my friend, Orchid*
Flora said…
adorable...and love the water drops too!
Tammy said…
Ahhh, but if you filled the frame with the spider, you wouldn't have captured all those wonderful water droplets.
LOL You got alot closer than I would have. I would've been like "You see the spider??" and it would've been a pic of the entire backyard or something LOL.
Debbie said…
there is beauty in all of it!!

we use to run from spiders, now we take pictures of them!!
I like the raindrops more than the spider!
Pat MacKenzie said…
Isn't it funny how the tiniest of creatures can strike fear into our hearts. Little spider is hardly bigger than the beautiful drops of water on the grass. I can tolerate spiders but snakes are a different thing altogether.
Cute photo. I don't think spiders are too bad, I have dislike for mice.
Great picture - and I am with you - I like to keep my distance from spiders - even small ones.

And big ones - well, I just run the other way. :)

Have a wonderful day ...Marsha
Wenche said…
You've got close to the spider yes. Im more afraid of snakes..but have deeply respect for these small creatures also :0) Nice shot :0) And happy anniversary :=)
lisa said…
I see it!!!
And yup, you were close enough. Probably closer than I would be brave enough to be! :-)

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