Our Sunday Trip

This afternoon Karen and I took a trip down the coast to Largs.  It is about a half hours drive from home. I took some pictures but they are very poor I'm afraid the weather was drizzly and very grey.

You can catch a ferry from Largs over to the Isle of Cumbrae, also called Millport, which is a lovely little island about 22 miles all around. The ferry journey only takes about half and hour. We didn't go over to Millport today but I did take a picture of the ferry,

Ferry to Millport
Ferry arriving at Millport

You can see that the weather wasn't too good. When we arrived it was just drizzly and a bit cold.

 There is a yacht club at Largs and there were lots of boats out, I was amazed how many.

 We decided to nip into Nardini's cafe (famous around here for their ice-cream) for something to eat for lunch.

It was really busy and is a really lovely place. There was even a pianist sitting at a grand piano playing music. Very civilized.  Guess what Karen had - yup you guessed it chips. But guess what - even worse - I had chips as well. But you know what - they were the best chips I have had in a long time. Not only that but I had apple pie and cream, yummy. Karen had a piece of millionaire's shortbread which she says was equally yummy.  Suitably stuffed we decided to leave but when we left it was raining really heavily. So didn't take too many more pictures. By the time we got back to the car my hair was sticking to my head. Not the most attractive I have every been lol.

Anyway, while I was dripping - I mean driving - home we passed this little spot. Isn't is beautiful, you wouldn't know it was raining. So I had to stop and pull in and take the picture. But as I stepped out of the car I stood in a very deep puddle. So now not only did I have a lovely hairdo but also a VERY wet foot. 
 We decided to call it a day and go home. But we did have a lovely afternoon.


Giga said…
Wycieczka , mimo deszczu, chyba udana.Bardzo mi się podoba widok na czwarty zdjęciu. Pozdrawiam
Jill said…
You certainly made the best of a dreary day. I enjoyed your pictures very much, despite the rain. Sorry you got soaked!
Tracy Wood said…
I think it's very romantic to be out of doors on a rainy day.... Your photos capture the mood of the day perfectly.
TexWisGirl said…
oh dear. a soppy day for you!
Debbie said…
i just LOVE the 4th picture, something about it!!

oooohhhhh and i do love ice cream also!!
It sounds like you had a great time even though it was a little wet. Love all the photos.
Rahul Bhatia said…
Very nice post with pictures! Could almost feel as if I am on this trip
geetlee said…
lovely photos! thanks for taking us along... sorry about the rain though! it must be getting cold up in Scotland.
We're having a spot of warm weather here, no fog. it's beautiful!
AJ said…
Beautiful captures...love the sea!
Paul said…
Nardini's sounds a great place to go on a wet drizzly day! Great photos considering the day! Entertained as well! What decadence!
Jeanne said…
Your pictures are charming even though it is raining. Don't you love taking your pictures??? So much fun. Hope you have a bit of a raincoat for your camera! Cheers to you and have a great day! Jeanne
deb duty said…
Sounds fun and you got some great shots! It's so nice that you spend so much time with your girls.
Rose said…
I so love that third shot down!

Who cares if our hair sticks to our head...as long as we get a few good shots.
Buttons said…
Oh I truly enjoyed taking this trip with you. I was a little disappointed I did not feel the hair stuck to my head and my foot being wet. I love the photos and the last one is especially nice. B
leavesnbloom said…
I haven't been there since I was a child when we spent part of our summer holidays in Ayr. I agree that last shot is beautiful.

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