The Birthday Cake

Have I mentioned that Karen LOVES to make cakes?  Well she really does and she has made some really good ones! 
Well, one of her work colleagues asked her to make a cake for her nephew's 1st birthday. The only requirement was that it was to be 'Mickey Mouse'.

Well this is what she came up with.

She spent many hours working on it and had a ball doing it.

We were all very impressed and I think she is a very clever girl.


TexWisGirl said…
very cute. talented young lady.
Pat MacKenzie said…
What a beautiful cake. You have a very talented girl there.
Jill said…
Wow! Looks like a pro did it. Great job, Karen!
Annabella said…
She is a clever girl - so impressed!
Flora said…
Wow that is awesome!
Tezzie said…
She did a great job on that cake! Very impressive!!!

Thanks so much for visiting, and for your well wishes for my Munchkin. She's much better already...luckily only a 24 hour bug :)
Debbie said…
amazing mickey...i would weigh 500 pounds if she lived with me!!
lisa said…
This is WONDERFUL!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
Dear Ellie, This is Orchid.
What a wonderful and splendid cake of mickey♡♡♡
So proud of your daughter♬♬♬
Hugs to you from East, my friend, Orchid*
What a cute cake. It takes a lot of talent to make cakes like this one.
Rose said…
Your daughter is talented!
pass said…
That cake looks delicious :D
Indeed, it's so clever :D
Wow, this cake looks what people can do with fondant...we just booked our tip to Disney and my kids only really want to see Mickey:-).

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