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It's Icy Out There!!!

It has been quite frosty over here for the last few days.  In fact the frost hasn't cleared for a day or two so I nipped out to the back garden to snap this picture and brrrrr it really is quite chilly!!!!
You know that way when you are at work and you are busy but everything is going smoothly.  Well that was me this morning - and then I get a phone call about one of my girls.  Oh no! I thought.   Emma had been walking to her work at around 10.30 this morning when she slipped on the ice and hurt her leg quite badly. She was lucky that she was just beside the school and a couple of people saw her and helped her into school.  The school phoned me at work - that was also quite strange getting a call from the school when all my girls are finished going to school.  Anyway they told me what had happened and suggested I pick her up and take her to casualty.  After waiting around for over two hours and an x-ray later we discovered she has soft tissue damage to her ankle. So thankfully nothing…

A Hole In The Sky

Here I am - with a picture too :))
I followed Anne's  advice.  She suggested that I load my picture onto Flickr, hit the share button and grab the html code and load in onto my post - and voila - here it is.   Thanks so much Anne :))
I was given so much good advice on how to fix this problem. I think what I will have to do is resize all the pictures I have already loaded onto picasa and re-load them again. Now that is a BIG job and quite time consuming so I will get around to that when I have a bit of time on my hands.  At least now I have a way of putting pictures back onto my blog -  I'm happy again, lol.
I was driving into town late this afternoon - Emma wanted to get a new dress for a party she is going to on Saturday evening, not that I think she needs another dress she has a wardrobe full of them, but that's another story!!!
We saw this vision in the sky as we were driving along and I had to stop and take a picture, it really looks like a hole in the sky doesn't it?   A…

A Post With No Pictures

Here I am - but with no picture!!!
It feels really strange doing a post with no picture. 
I wanted to thank everybody for commenting and offering solutions -  I really appreciated your help. I haven't decided what to do about it yet.  I didn't really want my blog to cost me money (although I know it's not much every month).  I will need to get my thinking head on and come up with a solution :))
Well, Karen and Emma came home today at around mid afternoon.  They had a great time visiting Laura and having their girly weekend.They had dinner out on Friday and then went onto Laura's place. 
Laura had got tickets for them to go to the cinema to see the new Twilight movie on Saturday (which they said was really good!!) but they were also going to watch all the other Twilight dvd's as well. 
Talk about overload :))  
The Christmas lights were being switched on in Dundee on Friday night and they watched a fireworks display from Laura's balcony which they said was really good.

Nothing New

Hi everybody!!!
I have not been around much this week and when I decided I wanted to do a post today and tried to upload a picture it told me I couldn't because there was no more memory available for putting onto my blog!! Has anybody else had this?  It also wants me to pay for more memory!
I'm wondering if I can delete from picaso to give me some more space - but will that make me lose pictures on my blog.
HELP!!! lol.
Anyway my news for this week is not terribly exciting I'm afraid.
The weather here has been a bit dismal and not really ideal for going out to take pictures!!! So I'm running kind of low of images :((
Tomorrow Karen and Emma are travelling through to visit Laura.  They are quite excited about it let me tell you. They are going out for dinner and going the the cinema to see the new Twilight movie.  A right girlie weekend for them I think and it sounds like a lot of fun!!!
They are coming home on Sunday.   I can't wait to hear all about it. :))
Now I'm off to c…

Frilly Petals

I bought myself some carnations the other day.   Well, I felt that the house needed just a wee bit of colour so they weren't really for me, I bought them for the house. Does that sound like quite a good excuse, it sounded good inside my head :))
It has been so grey and dismal here and the weather is fairly horrid at the moment, What I wouldn't give for a lovely blue sky - oh well I suppose it is November!!
Anyway I bought these carnations - aren' t they pretty?? I just love their frilly petals.

In fact when you get in real close it is like another world in there - with all of those shapes and colours (that's what I think anyway, but then I might be a wee bit daft!!)
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Your Sunday Best
Have a great week everyone!!!

Thoughts on a Friday!

            Here is a random thought for a Friday !!!!
Aren't peppers great??
I was just thinking this last night while I was preparing dinner.   We were having chicken fajitas which we totally love :)) I just love the smell of freshly cut peppers and the colours are great, to say nothing of how good they taste. And best of all they are good for you.

 So what could I do but get my camera out and shoot some pictures, which did delay the dinner being put on the table but nobody complained too much, lol.
The fajitas were very tasty too :)))
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The Cake

Here it is!!! Karen's cake.  Isn't it cool!!! 
I am so impressed with what she can do - I could never do anything like this. So she definately doesn't get her talent from her mum, lol.

The good thing about Karen making cakes is that there is usually quite a lot of spare cake going and it is VERY tasty :)) My other news for today is that Laura is going to have a wee boy!!!
We have a lot of girls in our family - I have three girls, I am one of three girls. Danny's sisters have only girls, my sister has three boys and also 2 girls. So I think the boys need to catch up a bit. :))
Now I will need to go and buy some blue wool, I think I had better hurry up and get that blanket done!!!

Road Trip for a Day

Well, we actually got away yesterday, yay. And as promised by the weatherman the sky was blue and it wasn't raining, double yay, lol. 
So went got in the car at around 10am and drove (well Danny drove) to see Laura and Kevin. We haven't been there since they moved in and I nhave to say they are certainly making it look like home. 
The scenery is really lovely along this journey - I did take a few pictures but the road are very bumpy and most of the shots are a wee bitty blurry.
But here are a couple that didn't turn out too bad.
Do you remember this shot of the church - I took this shot the last time we went through in September?

Well look at the difference that two months make - it looks quite different with all of those lovely autumn colours don't you think?

The last time we went through there wasreallybad roadworks along the way, but despite the sign of these traffic cones I'm pleased to say there were no disruptions to our drive this time.  It was a good run and we did…

Golden Leaves

Since we are now into November and autumn is almost a distant memory I thought I put up my last couple of autumn pictures.
I just love all of the lovely golden colours of the leaves but they are fading fast as winter is quicklyapproaching. 

We were going to try and get away somewhere this morning but the rain was pouring and our windscreen wash decided to not work.  Poor Danny has been trying to fix it most of the day. He has managed to fix it and tomorrow we are going through to visit Laura.   We will just be going for the day but I quite like a wee road trip :))   The weather is supposed to be a bit better and that always helps.
Karen has been requested to make a cake for one of her workmates. It is to be in the shape of a guitar and it will be a fairly large cake.  She has not done one like this before so it will be interesting to see how she gets on with it.  Hopefully I will get some pictures of it when she has finished it!!
Have a great Sunday everyone :))
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Have A (Wet) Seat

If it hadn't been so wet and rainy I might have sat and enjoyed the view from this seat - oh and I would probably have been swinging my feet through those lovely leaves :))

Well I am very pleased to report that Laura got home safely from India last night.   She walked in the door at 8pm very tired and having had a good time I think (even though it had been for work and not a holiday).   She did say that India was completely different to anything she expected and that the people were lovely.
A couple of years ago I asked her to bring me a fridge magnet home from wherever she was going to be on holiday.  I have built up quite a wee selection.  New York Chicago Las Vegas Gran Canaria London Alton Towers - Karen brought this one home! Boston and Cambletown - Emma brought these home.
Now I've got one from Mumbai, India - it's great, I feel like I am travelling the world through my girls and my fridge magnets, lol.
My fridge is getting a wee bit busy though :))
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The Smoking Gate

The other morning day I was pottering around the house when Danny came in and said  "Bring your camera I've got a great shot for you".   Ok, I thought take me to it I'm always up for a good shot :))
Well it has been quite chilly and frosty here, but the sun had come as was shining on our gate (please excuse the very ugly gate).   And low and behold it was smoking - well steaming actually!!!
The sun was just peeping at the side of the house and added a little sparkle and shine to it :)

Thanks Danny :))
I thought I would update you all on my knitting, I'm working on a pram blanket for Laura's baby.  Having not picked up a knitting needle for a very long time I thought I'd start with something fairly easy. Even so I have had to take back a few rows a couple of times because I've lost my way with the pattern. I think I might have to spend more time concentrating on the knitting and not watching the TV at the same time, lol.

But I have to say it is coming along qui…

Good News, Bad News

Well, I have good news and not so good news.
The good news is - The Car Is Working - yay!!!
The not so good news - we didn't get away this week to Loch Ness.   I am quite disappointed but we felt that since the car had so much work done on it, it might be a tad unwise to take it away for a fairly long journey.
But, Danny said if it is still running ok by next weekend we may go away then :)) 
So I'm afraid I've got no Nessie pictures to show you this week - sorry!!!
On a totally different note,  I thought you might like to see the bowl that Danny made at his woodwork class.  I have to say I am very impressed - this is his very first attempt at it.
Not bad eh!!! Isn't it lovely - and I love that grain. He is a clever lad that hubby of mine :))
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A Carpet of Golden Leaves

Do you remember yesterday I went for a walk in the cold and pouring rain? Well I was looking through some of the pictures I took and I have to say some came out much better than I had hoped (despite having numb fingers from the cold!!)
I just love this time of the year - just look at all of these lovely golden colours. There was a total carpet of leaves on the ground - mind you they didn't really go crunch more like squelch, lol. I nearly fell on my butt a few times let me tell you :))
I've had a fairly lazy day today - which on one hand is quite good but on the other hand I feel I have wasted the day.  I was going to go out with my camera but couldn't really work up the enthusiasm for it - shocking right!!!  But  when I say lazy I was still the taxi driver for the girls, have done some cooking and cleaning (just a wee bit though).  Hopefully I will be raring to go tomorrow!!!

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