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A Sunday Walk

A couple of weeks ago Karen and I went to buy some compost to pot my two new apple trees.  We went to our favourite garden centre. The trouble with going there is we always come home with more than we went out for! We also came back with mint and rosemary plants. I really wish my garden was big enough to grow a full herb patch!
 After we had finished with the garden centre we  went for a wee walk with our cameras.   It was such a lovely day it would have been a shame not to!
We walked along the side of the River Ayr. It was lovely and quiet with surprisingly few people taking advantage of the lovely day.
I think Karen has been bitten by the camera bug now too as she took just as many pictures as I did, in fact I turned round a few times to find her quite a distance behind me taking some shots. 
 It's not a bad hobby to have though :))
Anyway here are a few of my shots.

Lovely daffodils!
 Not quite as good as Niagara Falls, lol.

We did enjoy our walk and hope to do many more,  just as long…

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