In the words of the song - It's A Lovely Day

Yay, we had a blue sky today (and no rain).  Yipeeeee. Amazing how a nice day can make you feel full of the joys of spring - silly me, I mean autumn. 
So I decided I was going to take full advantage of it and when I got in from work I went out to take some pictures. 
And what did I see but fields and fields of  lovely hay bales. The only trouble was it was quite muddy and I did get mucky shoes, but who cares. It's only mud.

Hay bales as far as the eye can see.  I don't know why I like these fields so much but I really do!!!

When I was coming home I decided to take a detour round by the beach. What a surprise I got - the sun's rays were shining down on the sea. Well you know, I just had to take a picture of that as well.  Doesn't it look great?  What a productive and lovely day.


Pat MacKenzie said…
I too love seeing fields of baled hay. It's such a nice tidying-up of summer's work.
Leontien said…
Haha its just amazing to see these beautiful hayfields and then you drive a little further and you see the sea!!! I love that!!!

Big hugs
lisa said…
Each one of these is wonderful Ellie.
I especially love the hay.
You have captured some really beautiful light.
Have a fantastic weekend!
TexWisGirl said…
i like round bales too. good harvest. good times.
Marsha Young said…
Ellie - What a great day to be outside. Good for you! And thanks for your kind comment at Spots and Wrinkles. :)

Loved the round hay bales!
Pretty and relaxing pictures:-)...I like the pictures of the hay bales - they are perfectly round out in the middle of the vast hayfields and nature. It is crazy that in the same picture you have that beautiful beach. So pretty!
Jill said…
Wonderful pictures. I also love hay bales out in the field. The sea is gorgeous! I hope you have a lovely day tomorrow too. :)
I love hay fields also. I love your photos, they are very lovely
Debbie said…
it's always amazing....after the rain!!
Flora said…
Beautiful...and so lucky to have the beach close by!
geetlee said…
i enjoyed each and every shot. Your happiness is infectious too :) have a great weekend!
Lovely shots,

I especially like the one of the beach as I don't live near the sea but do live in the countryside so see hay bales everyday.

The beach shots are special.

If I win the euro millions I will buy a little cottage with sea views!

Have a good weekend Ellie.
Sheila said…
Wonderful shots , especially love the beach photo ,awesome but I am like you and love to see hay bales ,just something about them that I like.
Eileen said…
Beautiful photos, Ellie. I love the way you captured the light on the sea. Hope you're all well and have a good weekend.
Kayla said…
Ellie, Those are lovely! I love the fields too....just seems peaceful....even though it took a lot of work to get them to look that way. The sea shot is almost like a postcard..."Wish you were here"....moment!
deb duty said…
Love these Ellie! So glad you got some sunshine. The rays of light above the water are just stunning!
Rose said…
Ellie, I definitely love these three images! Very, very nice.

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