She's Off

Emma has left to go on her hockey trip to Boston USA.  Why do I find saying goodbye so hard sniff sniff. She is only away for a week!! 

Putting luggage in the car.

You can probably imagine the fun in our house last  night - packing bags, weighing them, making sure everything was organised.  

I had to get her to school for 9am to get a bus to Glasgow airport, she has a very long day of travelling ahead of her. Her excitement knew no bounds and she was raring to go!  There are 20 girls going so you can imagine the excited chatter as they waited to leave. What an exciting opportunity for them all.

I'm sure they will have a ball, with lots of tourist stuff, hockey, shopping etc ahead of them. I can't wait till she gets back to hear all of her exciting tales.


We will also look forward to her stories on the return trip. Hope they play well and have lots of wins. My fingers are crossed :-) Diane
Jill said…
What an exciting and monumental time for you both! I can't wait to hear all about her trip. Hang tight, Mom...we'll keep you company until she returns. :)
Sheila said…
How exciting for her , she will cherish the memories she will make this week . Good luck to her in her hockey career .
TexWisGirl said…
she will indeed have a blast!!! and she'll come home exhausted and excited and full of stories for you! :)
Debbie said…
pretty in pink!! believe me, the time goes quickly!! i hope she has a BLAST!!!
Lucky girl.

Have a great time Emma!
Pat MacKenzie said…
I didn't realize hockey was popular in Scotland. It's all that's talked about here in Canada for most of the year.

Good luck to her - so lucky to have the chance to travel. What will they do in Boston? Will they meet the Boston NHL team?
Karen said…
I hope she has a wonderful time and a safe journey!
Rose said…
I hope she has a lot fun! And that everything meets her expectations.
leavesnbloom said…
did you give her a shopping list aswell? many things I use are much cheaper over in the US.
Flora said…
What an adventure!
Michele said…
She will have a blast! I was born and raised there (24 years). It's a great city!
geetlee said…
Yaayy for Emma! I'm sure she will have a great time and bring back great memories. :)
WOW! That must be so hard for you!!

Hockey Girls rock. Ask ANY Canadian, and they'll likely agree.

stitching in Saskatoon
Sush said…
Oh how fun for Emma and yes, I do know how lonely it can be when the chicks spread their wings for a bit. But think of all the lovely catching up and fun tales to be told!

lisa said…
My son left for Boston 2 weeks ago to attend college. It's been 2 weeks, and I'm still "sniffing!!!"

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