She's Home!!!!

Pitlochry in the Autumn

When we were in Pitlochry I took soooo many pictures. So when I am stuck for an idea what to post it always comes in handy lol. And it was rather lovely!!!
Anyway,  Emma's home I was so glad to see her.  I missed my girl!! She got home this afternoon around 3.30 pm very jetlagged. When Emma gets tired she talks very fast and ten to the dozen - it's kind of hard to keep up with her lol.  So I was getting little bits of everything that she did while away. Hopefully I'll get more sense out of her tomorrow after she has had a good nights sleep. One thing is for sure - she had a GREAT time and LOVED Boston.

So the stories start tomorrow - I'll bet you can't wait. :))


Jill said…
Welcome Home, Emma!
Karen said…
Oh that's a lovely scene! Glad your girl is home.
Sheila said…
Happy days , I am sure you are happy to have Emma home. The scene is gorgeous , you have more color than we do so far. My son was in Aberdeen a week or so ago on business , he loves Scotland
TexWisGirl said…
hurray! i know you weren't resting while she was far away, so now maybe you both can settle in!
Rose said…
Glad she made it home safe and sound, and really glad she had a good time.

Love the picture!
Debbie said…
welcome home emma....there's no place like home!!
So glad your girl is home. It's so hard to worry about them when they're away.
Looking forward to hearing about her travels.
lisa said…
What a beautiful photograph Ellie, and I am so glad Emma is back at home! My son is absolutely loving Boston also. I just hope he is "loving" his college work as much! :-)
missing moments said…
What a beautiful scene! Bet you're glad she's home.
Janie said…
Why was Emma in Boston? For a trip or for school? What a wonderful experience. It is nice when your kids come home. Then later they leave to make their own way. Thank you for your comments, very sweet of you to visit my blog.
geetlee said…
yayy yayy!!! :) What special treat are you cooking for her?
Can't wait to hear all about the Boston trip!
Lasse said…
A lovely photo, and a nice story :) !!
deb duty said…
So glad she had a great time! Your fall scene is gorgeous! Really beautiful photo!
So you can relax again now and enjoy the stories. My neighbour (male), gets an ulcer problem even if his children are away for more than two days!!! Diane

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