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I was out the other night trying to get some sunset shots. While I was waiting for the sun to go to bed I saw this little pond on the beach - I've never noticed it before - but I thought it looked quite nice. So what did I do -  I took a picture of course.

I've wanted to take a picture of a sunset with birds flying by.  Now I know it's quite an iffy shot but the birds are there!

Then, I saw the ferry coming in from Ireland. Now, have you ever seen a P&O ferry doing a three point turn. Well I did, and I took pictures for posterity.

And there you have it - a ferry doing a 3 point turn. Are you impressed? I was!!!


TexWisGirl said…
i'm impressed at the gorgeous sky over the water and the spots of birds. so lovely!!!
Jill said…
All of your photos are lovely, Ellie! I am very impressed...with the ferry and you.
Pat MacKenzie said…
Yes, totally impressed. Why would the ferry have to make a turn like that? It just sounds so romantic to my Irish-rooted heart to hear you say "I saw the ferry coming in from Ireland". I'll get there some day.
Debbie said…
these are lovely....you captured it all!!
Annabella said…
You live in the most gorgeous place Ellie. Really stunning.
Hi Ellie, Hello from Canada! I think that it is great that you are trying new things like blogging and photography. Learning new things keeps us young. (My son is about the same age as your oldest daughter.) What probably seems mundane to you, seems exotic to me. I have never seen a ferry from Ireland, much less a fairy doing a three point turn!
Great shots, Ellie. I would have been mesmerized by that ferry -- love seeing them out on the water, maneuvering like that. Wonderful! :)
Tara said…
Wow, such pretty sunset pictures! So beautiful.
Janie said…
Yes I am impressed, because your mind works like mine. Start to do one thing and then it leads into a million other directions. Thanks for sharing your great photos.
geetlee said…
love the sunset shots!!
never knew what a three point turn was till today.
Thanks for sharing Ellie :)
orchid said…
Dear Ellie,
Amazing sunset shot♡♡♡
I checked three point turn with PC as well as your pictures, Thank you SO much,

Love and lots of Hugs to you, Orchid*
Love those sunset shots and yes I can see the birds :-)) Diane
Mira said…
I am way more impressed with the view of the sun setting down over a sea! so dreamy!!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful photos, and I agree with Pat: it's just amazing to read about the ferry coming in from Ireland!
And I'm curious too: why was it necessary for the ferry to make a 3-point turn?
Rose said…
Very nice...and I love the way the light hit the rocks in that pool of water.

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