Today I have been out shopping with Emma as she wanted to buy some things as she is going to Boston in 2 weeks to play hockey with different schools there.  This is something her hockey team at school organises.  She loves playing hockey and we felt she should have the opportunity to do it. She is MEGA excited about it. Can't say I blame her - I would be as well.

Why is it when you are looking for something and you have the money you can't find anything - that's the problem she had today.  She did get a new jumber and skirt so all was not lost.  We had a good day though and had our lunch out. I always enjoy spending time with my girls :))

As a result of being out all day I didn't manage to take any pictures - I know you are all in shock!!! lol. So. I have posted an oldie from Pitlochry from a couple of years ago. 

After dinner today we were watching a wildlife program on the television - I love wildlife programs the photography and filming is always tremendous. In this program amongst other animals it featured the pronghorn antelope from North America, I have never heard of them before. The only problem is they always show them suffering in some way - which I can't watch. There was this poor pronghorn stuck in barbed wire fence struggling to get away, I thought it was doomed but it managed to escape. It made me squirm though.  We humans definately have it easy don't we?


deb duty said…
So glad you had a nice outing with your daughter! You both have such pretty names. I love Emma and Ellie.
Jill said…
I loved the photo even it was an old one. :)

So nice you girls had a nice outing together!
Debbie said…
your photo is gorgeous, i clicked it to enlarge it!! really pretty!!

girls lunch must be amazing. i have 2 sons but have had some wonderful meals with my amazing nieces & my sons as well BUT there is something really special about girls lunching together :)
TexWisGirl said…
sounds like a great day with your daughter. hockey? neat!
Rose said…
Any day spent with our daughters is good..and I must say I sure like the photo you shared...old or new, that bridge is awesome!
Sounds like a fun day of shopping with your daughter!
Nothing beats a day out with a daughter!

Glad that you both enjoyed it.

Good luck to Emma with her trip to Boston, lucky girl, I wouldn't mind going either
does she need someone to carry her case???!!!

Your photo is lovely too, very serene.

Have a good Sunday Ellie.
Anonymous said…
Love the photo! And I love that you enjoy time spent with your girls. I love any time I spend with my son; so thankful he lives nearby!

I understand completely not being able to watch animals suffering on tv; I always change the channel!
geetlee said…
Love the shot! All the best to Emma for her trip :)

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