Lunchtime Special

Karen and I went for lunch the other day. We went to a little cafe/coffe shop about 15 minutes drive away from our house.  It was on a farm out in the country and a lovely place. Especially on a nice day, and it WAS a nice day. 
 Karen had a plate of chips (how unusual) and a can of coke, I had a delicious bowl of lentil soup, a roll and a lovely cup of tea - really hit the spot. We both really enjoyed it. 
At another table there were 4 ladies with a wee girl of about 1 year old. She was a wee cracker - highly entertaining. I don't think her mum found it entertaining though. She was putting everything into her mouth, or onto the floor. Glasses of drinks, cutlery, food you name it - nothing was safe. And when things were taken off her she shouted. Mum was continuously apologising to everyone, I felt quite sorry for her. Then I looked across at Karen - my goodness she was that age once (even worse thought - so was I eeek). 
Time passes way to quickly.

These were some of the pictures I took while out on our drive. I would love to live in the country. I don't think Karen would mind me telling you but it is her ambition to own horses and a farm in the country, much like the one we had our lunch at. I hope she does realise her ambition then I can go and help her.


Lunch sounds lovely Ellie
apart from the noisy child!!

Chips and coke, well that girl would definitely suit my son!

Photos are great.

I live in the country (have no horses) but my neighbours do. The country can be quite noisy with farm machinery, animal sounds and tractors up and down the road everyday!

Wonder would Emma like to be woken each morning by a cock a doodle oooh at silly o'clock!!!

Hope her dreams come true.

Fiona x
Jill said…
Glad you girls had a nice lunch and ride out and about. Great pictures.

Wonderful dreams. I hope they come true!
Anonymous said…
The apologizing mom interests me. Most coffee shops/diners are appropriate places for kids and seniors.

I go out to dinner with my wife and baby at 4 p.m. now, so as not to intrude on the dating, irritable couples.

So my wife and I dine with retirees who think the baby's cute and tell us of their kids and grandkids and great-grandkids while they marvel at the pace of time's winged chariot.

The food is good, especially when we can throw peanuts on the floor.
TexWisGirl said…
lovely drive - glad you have it accessible to you w/o too much trouble. i hope your daughter's dream comes true as well! mine did!
Janie said…
If she wants horses, she should do it and not wait. I love horses, never had one, but admire those who have the knowledge of caring for them, and RIDING them. Good for her. I like your photo of the road going somewhere. Roads, paths, fences are a good point of view. I like seeing them all. Enjoying your blog.
Leontien said…
Well otherwise you can always come here and stay a couple of days! ;-)

Great pictures, they remind me of my sister!
Big hugs from Indiana
Val said…
Hi Ellie, Just popped over from Sheila's to say hello. I knew Karen must be your 16 year old daughter when you said she had chips and coke. The photos look great. I love living out of town. I think the air is cleaner and I love the birdlife. Smiled when I read your Scottish accent in your expressions.
Rose said…
I bet you had a lovely time...always good to be with our children...

I like the pics and I hope your daughter realizes her dream.
Debbie said…
i would love to live on a farm but i know i could never handle the work!! really pretty pictures!!
Anonymous said…
Love your photos. Are they harvesting grain?
Sounds like a lovely lunch. I, too, hope your Karen has her horse farm one day.
geetlee said…
I love the first shot Ellie! Sounds like you had a fun lunch.
Little babies can be a handful! Gosh, bringing up a child is no easy task! How did you mothers do it? I ask my mom that all the time :)

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