Flower with Raindrops

Deb at Deb Duty is hosting a link up on her blog and the theme is 'anything'. So, now that I can do this I am linking up with her.

My daughter Karen is very keen on growing flowers and bonsai plants, she has this wee flower in her miniature greenhouse. I think its is very cute.


Susan said…
Oh how beautiful!! I love bonsai plants.

deb duty said…
This is so pretty, Ellie! I love the tiny little buds. Thanks for linking up today!
Suzanne said…
So pretty. I have a few favorite photos and they were taken in the rain!
Jill said…
Beautiful! I love bonsai but have never had good luck with them.
Lovely Ellie.

Great pic.

Delighted to hear that Emma is home, sure you are thrilled and will be filled with tales of her adventures tomorrow (or whenever she comes too)!!

Enjoy your catch up x
Very nice, it looks much like a strawberry flower.
TexWisGirl said…
it is really lovely! love the tiny buds!!!
Rose said…
It is beautiful.
Debbie said…
sooooo pretty, the buds steal the show for me.
Tamar SB said…
That's so pretty! Makes me forget summer ends tomorrow!
Tamar - also linking up with Deb!

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