Beautiful Autumn Colours

 Remember our walk in the rain on Sunday, well I thought I would show some of the lovely colours of leaves we found (before the rain started) . The leaves in the picture above were such an unusual colour not one I think I have seen before and I have no idea what it is. I just love Autumn and all it's glorious colours.

Now this picture was taken during the downpour. The cows were all sheltering underneath the trees, and they were no half watching us as we trudged along  in the mud and rain. I'm sure I heard one of them moo "stupid human do you not know it's raining!". They did look at us as if we were a bit dim. There was one point in our walk when we were slipping and sliding in the mud - which was our path - when I very nearly ended up sitting in the mud. I haven't heard Karen laugh like that in a loooong time. In fact I think we both giggled quite a lot. Maybe that's why the cows were looking at us stangely!!Mmmmm.


deb duty said…
Gorgeous fall colors! I love the cow looking at you through the branches. I'm glad you both enjoyed a good laugh!
Anonymous said…
Love your flower pictures, and that cow is so funny! My childhood home was across the highway from a dairy farm, so it's a familiar looking sight to me.
Sounds as if you & your daughter had a fun outing!
Rose said…
Did you feel like you were skating on thin ice??? I can just picture it, too..cause I have been there, done that.

But think it was worth it to get these photos...very nice.
lisa said…
Beautiful autumn colors, and I DO LOVE that last shot.
What a cutie!!
Lovely colours Ellie.

Your photos are brilliant, you must have a very fancy camera, mine is rubbish and sometimes I even use my little mobile (it shows)\!!

Hope you are having a good Tuesday and that the weather is good, it is not great here, rain, rain and more rain, where is this Indidan summer we were promised?!!
Linda R. said…
Such great photos.. It is nice to have a good laugh. I bet your right about what that cow is think..

Hugs, Linda
TexWisGirl said…
LOVE the cow. too cute! and the image of you sitting butt first in the mud is funny too!
geetlee said…
isn't autumn just divine? :)
did you try mooooo-ing back at the cows? that would have taught 'em :)
Jill said…
Love your autumn colors.

The cow cracks me up!
Yes it that time of the year when those colours are around again. Love the picture of the cow. Diane

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